Thursday, March 31, 2011

Want To Hear A Funny Story?

It’s not really a funny - “ha-ha”, but a funny - “You’ve got to be kidding!”
We went up to the mountains today because we wanted to show Karlie one of our favorite family hikes.  
It was suppose to be nice and warm, but, well, 
this is Colorado.  It was windy, cold, muddy, snowy and icy.  Wanting to make the best of our special time we “braved” it up.  Our little Texan Karlie was freezing as we sat down on the slightly frozen, muddy ground for our picnic before we began our hike.  But, boy, was she a trouper!!!  

 My little group of brave and adventurous children where ready to go after some lunch.  Jace was the perfect gentleman and gave his jacket to his love to keep her warm!  (Do I here some “Ahhhh”’s)  I gave him the blanket from the car to keep him warm.  
 It was pretty slippery, so we were all being careful!!!
 Here’s a rock heart, because, well,
 soon-to-be married love was in the air!!!

 I love hiking with my babies!!! Keshawn was enjoying his view from his special place in the back pack.  He talked in his cute baby talk on my back. 
 We stopped at a favorite rock to climb up...
After enjoying our UP adventure, I asked the children if we could hike just a little bit further.

This is where the “funny” comes in.  I was enjoying all my children, and the beautiful Colorado glories, and,
I fell.  Pretty hard... and broke my camera lens.  But, that was not the worse part ... my arm was hurting pretty good from where I fell and caught myself.  I stood up to gather the children that had run in front of us, and then had to lay down on the side of the trail because I was about to pass out and get sick!!!!  What a great way to introduce my future daughter-in-law to the family-LOL.   
Well, so much for more hiking...we turned around and headed back to the car with me crying and shaking off and on.  Then we headed to the emergency room a few miles away from the trail head with every bump hurting my arm REALLY BAD.  Ready for the funny?  
An ex-ray confirmed that I had fractured my arm..the left one.  If you have been following my week, you know that I was at the emergency room a few days ago because I hurt my right hand and it was in a splint.  Now my left arm is in a sling.  
Good grief...I can’t even believe this.  My babies were wonderful and took great care of us all.  Karlie is the greatest!!!!  She has now sat with me TWICE while I was at an emergency room.  And then she comes home with us and takes care of us.  I have been blessed with such precious children. 
Jace carried the baby down the mountain for me.  Kalyn helped me down the mountain, and then fixed us home made rolls for our supper.  Karlie helps take care of the children.  I’m so very grateful for my family!!!  
How are ya’ll doing...I feel behind because I haven’t been able to catch up on notes and blogs? 


  1. Oh sweet bandaged up Shonni...not very funny in the hahaha department, but very sweet indeed in the love-em and love-u type of stories to share.
    Glad you are okay, and can't believe how brave you are.

    Praying for a speedy recovery and glad that things happening in 3's is only a superstition and not reality!

    Feel better soon and enjoy your blessing of a family!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  2. oh, dear!!! Sorry. I can't imagine having both arms out of commission. Get better soon!

  3. Os deseo que pronto esteis todos bien.

  4. Oh, mercy, hope you can heal up quick!! In the meantime, enjoy the blessing of your children's sweet hearts (I think it's neat when we get to see our kiddos "step up" in these times!)

  5. ohhhhh nooooo! I'm so sorry!!!!!! Praying you heal quickly!!! And thankful with you that you have such a wonderful family!!!!

  6. Oh wow...I am so sorry to hear about your broken arm! And the broken camera lens (that would probably upset me worse than my arm--haha). Hoping your sweet kids continue to take care of you and help you out. Maybe it's a good way for them to return all the love and care you've give them for so many years. :)

  7. Girlfriend, you need to wrap yourself in bubble-wrap! NO more injuries!!

    Great that you have such a good sense of humor about it though!

    Oh and I LOVED your pics. Such fun!!

  8. Oh NO!!!! I am so sorry! So thankful you have such dear ones to care for you.

  9. You poor thing!! Oh my goodness! I didn't know about your hand, too! I was MIA last week. =) Praying it will heal quickly! What sweet kiddos you have. That's so rewarding to see them pitch in and help. I love the picture of Jace with Keshawn!! Sooo cute!

  10. Wow! A mom of a large family with no hands? Well, you were a miracle-worker before your fall and I'm sure you'll work miracles even now. Hang in there! :)


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