Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scary Moments

Yesterday I ended with us looking at “Cherry’s” file.  I was hopeful and excited all at the same time that we might be able to adopt her with Asher.  Then something very scary happened.  It looked like we might not be able to adopt either of the children.  It was one of those moments, like when you are pregnant and hear “bad” news about the health of the pregnancy.  We spent many days and hours doing what we could to “save” this adoptive pregnancy.  It was now right in the middle of Thanksgiving week and we had family and friends coming from near and far to celebrate the holiday.  Wednesday we knew we had done all we could do.  We sent in the paperwork, and the new request for the needed waivers to adopt both children.  Of course, being a major holiday weekend, we knew that this would be a painful “pray and wait” time.  
And yes, I am saving one of the best parts for tomorrow...
however, I can tell you, that our adoptive pregnancy for both children looked “NOT GOOD” on that Wednesday, but we knew that The LORD had showed us that these children were ours, so we placed it all in HIS hands and set out for the wait.  We enjoyed the holiday weekend with our family. 

 (That’s a LOT of mashed potatoes, eh?)
We showed my precious praying family “Cherry’s” picture.  My dad took one look at her, turned around so that we would not see the emotion on his face and said “She’s ours, and she needs a family to tell her how beautiful she is”.  My mother looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “Well, there you have it, she’s ours.”  Even they didn’t know how very close to “not good”  this adoptive pregnancy was, and I can never say how encouraging their words to me were.  
My sweet father was sick with a high fever the day after Thanksgiving and then Saturday everyone headed back to Texas.  I felt so alone and scared!
But then came Monday...

I hope I’m not being to cruel, but this is such an awesome story, that I must ask you to wait for the best part tomorrow!  Will you come back and read the rest?  It is God Awesome!!!  And tonight I would encourage you to find your God Adventure and seek Him, and Trust Him for what He is calling you to.  I can’t assure you that it wont be hard, or that it wont hurt, but from my life, I can say that the LORD is ALWAYS faithful and the field that He asks you to work in will bring you greater joy and happiness than you will find anywhere else.
See you tomorrow sweet family and friends.  Thank you for sharing this adventure with us.


  1. okay...I don't even know your parents, and I always want to hug them!

    Yes. Our God is always faithful!

  2. The suspense is killing me! Thank you for sharing this testimony of what God has done! It's so tempting to think that families with many adoption blessings just sort of "fall into it", that it comes easily for you. Hearing what God has done to accomplish other people's adoptions gives me the encouragement to keep praying and waiting on Him to bring us another child or children through adoption.

    Thank you,


  3. You have a beautiful family and you are so lucky that they are so supportive of you.

  4. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! Can't wait for the GOD awesome story tomorrow! Although this is pretty awesome already ;-D

    Love you!

  5. Can't wait!!! Of course I will be back tomorrow, ya better post it early!!!

  6. We are certainly on a crazy God adventure, as well. Trusting God each step of the way. Not always easy ... but oh so worth it.

    Hope your weekend is BLESSED!


  7. I'm on the edge of my seat! Thank you for sharing this precious testimony!

    How close are you to traveling? I wonder if we will be in China at the same time!

  8. Oh my goodness, friend, how BLESSED she is going to be to have a family who is on her side--who loves her more than life. So amazing.

    What treasure you have found!

  9. I just love what your parents said! {and WOW that IS a lot of mashed potatoes!}

  10. Your parents made me want to cry with their reactions!
    And just so you know, it's past tomorrow already. Please give us the rest of the story. :)

  11. Yes God is awesome! And you are leaving this hanging..... looking forward to tomorrows post!
    Have a wonderful day


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