Monday, March 28, 2011

Good grief!  I fell and hurt my hand yesterday.  We were at the emergency room for hours.  My arm is in a splint...have to see a specialist today.  Typing is really my post will have to be short.

Thank you all again for your comfort over the loss of my uncle!  Thank you Mamamargie for the Scriptures!!!
FUN thing...Jace and Karlie are here with us for the week. 
I will post pics later of the WONDERFUL time that us girls had yesterday (before I fell - LOL)


  1. So sorry about your arm Shonni and about your uncle. Death is never an easy thing, my father passed two years ago and I miss him terribly. For some strange reason even visiting the cemetery lately has been a little hard for me.

    I pray that you find comfort in the love of your family and that the Lord fills the void in your heart with His presence.

    Also I'll be praying for your arm injury.


  2. Oh my goodness, I hope it's nothiny serious :(

    Sorry, friend.

  3. Sorry to hear about your arm, I hope it is okay!!! No fun to fall after 25!!!

  4. Hi Shonni,
    You have been in my prayers these last two weeks as you have been through so much...I pray that the Lord will give you His perfect peace and strength in the midst of trials.

    May you have a day abounding in God's blessings!


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