Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Rest is BEAUTIFUL!!

Sorry, I have made you wait till today for the rest of our God Story.  But really, it’s not the “rest”, it’s just the beginning of the adventure that we will be starting.  
(If you missed the beginning of this journey, start at Monday of this week to catch up)
Yes, our adoption pregnancy was in peril.  We had submitted our new pre-approval on Wednesday, enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends, everyone left on Saturday and we were in the “waiting” room for an update.  We had no idea how long we would have to wait, may be a few weeks?  So, I prepared to get back into our home school schedule and start the week on Monday.
This song had become very important to me over the last few weeks.  It is called “Break Me For The Nations.  You can find a newer version by Klaus in iTunes.

I kept thinking of Matthew 9:36-38; “When he (Jesus) saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.  Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the LORD of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest,”
I feel in my heart that our family is called to work in His harvest for the fatherless.  So, I set my hope on the LORD and His will and was again thankful that He had given me this beautiful work to do... to mother those that He blessed our family with.  

You know,

you just never know what a day will hold.
Sometimes good news, and sometimes bad news.  However, in it all our God is there!!
Monday brought GOOD news.  We received pre-approval to adopt BOTH children!  I was so excited!!!  Of course, I quickly shared the news with our families.  
I had a questions though...
It’s important to me...
The question was “her” name.  We had found out that the children at the Hope Journey camps are given more “American” names, since it is hard for non-Mandrin speaking people to say the children’s names.  We have always prayed to the LORD to show us the names for our children, but we had never adopted “older” children before either.  We chose the name Asher for our new son, and we knew that we would keep his Chinese name also.  But what about “Cherry”.  Did she even know this name?  Did she like it?  Did it bring back sad thoughts from the first Hope Journey?  I asked Marci at ASIA what she thought, and she said she would try to find out.  
I few days later we received an email from Marci that told us that “Cherry" went by an Asian nick name, and that if we wanted to choose a name for her that would probably be good and then they could ask her at some point along the adoption if she would like the name.  
I know this may seem silly to some, this whole name thing.  But it is really important to me.  When you first give birth, or are given your new baby, you want to look at and touch every perfect and precious part of your little darling....get to know them.  We once were short term foster parents for a new born down syndrome baby boy.  It was just for a few days till his new parents could drive in from another state.  He was so tiny and so adorable.  I loved getting to bath him, lotion him and love on that little darling.  When his new parents first arrived they just kept looking at him and touching his little head.  I asked the new mother if she wanted to change his diaper, because, well, I knew...she wanted to look at and love on every beautiful little part of her new son; his little toes, his plump little belly, his adorable baby legs. 
What does this have to do with naming “Cherry”?  It just seems like part of the “this precious little child is really mine” feeling that is missed those first days and years of their lives before they come into our family.  So Steve and I discussed it but really had no name ideas.  This little darling girl was a surprise for us!  I prayed and asked the LORD to show us her name.  And I very clearly remember Him saying to look at the Hawaiian names for girls.  A few googles steps later and I was looking at a list of funny sounding names.  Then one caught my eye - “Noelani”.  I immediately looked to the meaning of the name, and my heart completely skipped a beat....the name meant ‘BEAUTIFUL girl from Heaven.”  
Oh my word, I couldn’t believe that there was such a perfect name that captured the journey to this little girl.  If you haven’t read the earlier post from this week, you must, so that you can see just why this name was so perfect. 
From my hearts cry and prayers which were captured so amazingly in a song called “Come Home, Beautiful” to a little heart in China longing to be beautiful, our destiny came together now in a name.  
I can’t wait to bring my beautiful little gift from Heaven home, 
along with her ADORABLE little brother.  
Thank you all for sharing this week of post with me; for your love and comments and encouragement; and from here there is only one thing to say...
“To Him in Heaven belongs the glory and praise.”
I am so thankful to be walking this adventure with the LORD.


  1. Shonni they are BEAUTIFUL! Both of them are so precious....God bless you and your the name too, it's perfect!

  2. Love it, Shonni...I am constantly amazed that our God is in EVERY detail. And when the details begin to come together...beautiful...

  3. I like that name and those are adorable pictures!

  4. I love it, shonni! And I love north of your sweethearts' names. Thank you for sharing. I have been checking every morning this whole week for your unfolding story and testimony of God's faithfulness. It is so wonderful!!!

  5. love the name! how awesome is God!!!? He has given us the names for each of our children long before we knew they who they were - each of their names fits them so perfectly!

    hugs and love - praying your children home!

  6. Shonni, wow!! I've been catching up on your story. Reading it for the first time all at one time (I know, I cheated), means I didn't have to wait 'til the next day. :)
    They are so adorable!! Double blessings. I cannot wait for Alexis to add their pictures for you. I am so blessed watching her 'frame' your children's sweet faces. Really. Praising God for their sweet smiles and that they have a mom and dad to love them.
    Alaina's names (the Alaina and also the Jia) means 'beautiful.'

  7. Wow! She really is so beautiful...and so is our precious Father!

  8. So precious!
    Congrats to your sweet family. :)

  9. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing journey! :)

  10. Oh my goodness!! I've been WAITING for the rest of the story! So excited for you and your kiddo's...praying they'll be home quickly.


  11. So PRECIOUS!!! God is so good. You are so blessed!~ Thank you for your e-mail :o)

  12. Such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl, what a great story Shonni, thanks for sharing.

  13. All I can say is, "God is amazing!!!" Thanks for sharing this!


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