Friday, May 8, 2009

Daddy's idea

My sweet husband thought that it would be a good idea (which it is) to buy SIX soft swords and a soft bat and ball. The children have had a blast with them,

of course, however,I have been taking care of the wounded all day...thankfully, no blood has been involved!

and these two are really into the warrior character.
And if you look closely behind these two is the treadmill that I have been having a hate relationship with this week..."I hate you because I don't want to but I should"!


  1. LOL! Those husbands know how to stir the pot don't they?! Too funny.

    I also have a hate relationship with my treadmill...grrr. I know I should just hop on. I know I should. But....I don't want to! My bee-hind is showing my reluctance for sure. *sigh*

  2. Don't you love husbands ideas. It looks like they had fun.

    I hate my treadmill too so don't feel bad.

  3. HILARIOUS!! Looks like something my hubby would do too!

  4. Just found your site! Enjoying every minute of your heart, your dreams, your passion for children around the world. We are just starting our adoption process (but know that it won't be the last) and live as a missionary family. My hubby gave our boys foam swords too, They shout, "A sword for the Lord" and conquer their foes.

    Lovin' life as a mommy and wife,
    Sarah Dawn

  5. oh thank you for coming by my blog. What an amazingly beautiful family you have. You are SO blessed! What lovely beautiful children. How I would love some more nations around my table!

  6. Shonni, I've really enjoyed your sweet comments over at my place. It's nice to meet you over here too. I wish I could sit and just browse and read, but for now I just wanted to say you have a beautiful family there! God's blessings abound in your house!

    Happy Mother's Day!'

  7. I LOVE your MIGHTY WARRIORS!!!!! Bold and courageous!!!!!

  8. I'm new to your blog...just found it...My hubby would so do the sword thing too...We're adopting from ethiopia right now and have court in 2 weeks and it will all be done, yeah!! This makes #5 for us!! Beautiful family you have, kristi

  9. Shonni- I just love your family!! What beautiful children!! I love the swords idea- how fun for them! I haven't spent much time on my treadmill since we started adopting! Have a Happy Mothers Day!


  10. So funny...good times. I love these! It's amazing how similar our families are :o) The kids love dressing up like ours. So full of joy!


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