Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ghostly faces




Kalyn's camera has this setting that makes you look like a ghost and these are some pics I took.
I'm really glad Kalyn and Mom got to go on this trip together. While they are gone it will be the first time that Kalyn has not been here to help watch the kids when Mom and Dad are both gone.
Me and my cousins will be watching the kids for three days while my Dad is gone on a buisnnes trip. So I hope we can control them. = )


  1. The pictures are completely freaky looking!! They truly gave me goose bumps when I looked at them.

    We are praying for Shonni and Kayln as they head to Uganda today and of course we are praying for your family at home.

    If you need anything or whatever, just call.

  2. Those pics are freaky. Praying for Shonni and Kalyn.

  3. Loved the pictures Caresse... very talented! Have fun with the kiddos... they are in great hands while Mom and Dad are away :c)


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