Friday, May 22, 2009

Be Careful Little Feet Where You Go

Oh, be careful little feet where you go....
Oh, be careful little feet where you go...
cause Mama spent the whole day cleaning the house....
and she wants it to stay nice and clean!!!
(It's funner to read if you sing the little song in your head...if you don't know the song...sorry)


  1. LOL--you are tooo funny. I was totally singing the song--then got thrown off :)

  2. I got it! Cute,cute..little feet. And oh..a clean house is oh so important. :)

  3. Hi Shonni,
    I love the pics! All your children are beautiful! What a gift from God! I can't wait to meet you and your daughter in Uganda this coming week!! My name is James. I'll be connecting with the rest of the team in London. 4 Sleeps - I am SO excited! Blessings, see you soon!

  4. Pretty cute as I was singing the words looking at great photos while slowly scrolling down thinking I was going to once again find something profound and wise from your blog only to wish that I had the same worry this weekend with our post placement being on Monday!

    Social worker called yesterday and said she was doing another homestudy in the area would we mind her coming on Monday. Nope, not at all cause I have learned through three adoptions that my house is already organized and clutter free and she is not going to take a white glove out because if they had I would not be completing adoption number 3 or able to start #4!

  5. How beautiful are those precious feet. Wonder where they will take the good news? As my boys are sleeping, I snuck in to look at, yep, their feet. The ones that track in mud, go barefoot in the chilly rain, and run into my arms for bear hugs.

  6. That is so cute!! I do know the song- Im happy to say- I got it right away!! (sometimes it takes me awhile to catch on but not this time)!

    Those are adorable pictures of your children's feet!

    Shonni- Thank you so much for offering to fast with me. You are so kind. Tomorrow is my birthday so I cannot do it then- can't miss out on cake, chocolate cake that is! ;-)
    I can't ask you to fast when you are leaving so soon- you need your energy for your family and for the sweet children of Uganda.
    I may fast while you are gone but if not we will do it when you get back and have recovered from jet lag!
    Blessings to you and your family!

  7. Sorry! Laughing too hard to respond and knowing exactly what you mean!!!


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