Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sigh of relief!

I was never really worried, but its always a relief to finally get word and to ultimately talk to my beauty and know she and Kalyn have made it to their destination. We had but a few brief moments, but it was enough to know they were ok. The trip has gone well, except for Kalyn fighting motion sickness most of the journey (it is better now that she is in Uganda). There was also the very bad news that Shonni's new and expensive camera was stolen while on layover in South Africa (thus photos of the trip are going to be very limited-bummer). Other than that they were just very tired and ready to get some rest before begining their week+ of serving tomorrow.
Thanks again for all of the prayer support. Me and the wee ones are holding up fine, doing much of nothing today, but getting ready for church tomorrow. I have just two days before my two nieces take over for me while I head off for a business trip for a few days. Depending on the weather we will hit the park and/or a movie (Up!)-and do some yard work (hey, I have lots of helpers, so I am going to take advantage of their help while I can!)
What is always amazing during times like these (travel adventures, losing cameras, separation, daddy playing Mr. Mom, etc) is how faithful God is and how His peace prevails. Regardless of the circumstances He remains faithful and His love endures. Our prior trials and tribulations have strengthed our faith to know that there is more going on than what we can see. Rather than getting caught up in the circumstances, if we will press on in faith in who God is and not trust in or rely on our own knowledge, strength, or abilities then God will move in His own way and He will prevail, every single time!


  1. your last paragraph was one of the most succinct, well-stated things i've read this week...and i read a lot! very well put, mr. mom :)

  2. Glad they made it, sorry to hear about the camera. Awesome post, thanks for keeping us updated.

  3. How wonderful that they arrived safely. Wow, that is one heck of a long journey. Ug, so sorry about Shonni's camera. Please keep us updated when you get word about how their time is going--I would love to her.


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