Monday, May 18, 2009

Please pray!!!

Landon loving on his new brother, Corban.

Landon, reading to Corban, while he sits for his breathing treatment. Landon has the most gentle and tender spirit I think I have ever seen.
I have not posted much lately...we are just a short week from leaving on our mission trip, and to be honest, I have felt stressed finishing up our school year and getting ready to leave my husband with our children while we are gone.

My sweet miracle, Garett, turns SEVEN, tomorrow, and I was going to take them to our favorite hiking place for the day (beautiful Colorado, wild flowers, and a stream...who could want more?). I just feel like I need this time with them before I am gone. Our precious Corban began to have asthma problem 1 1/2 years ago and we have been in and out of the hospital many times with him. Finally, these last 6 months we have found the right combination of medicines to keep us home when he become sick. Yesterday, when he began to have "his symptoms", I did everything I have learned to do with meds and breathing treatment to stop them. Tonight his fever is climbing and he is not doing at all well, and as mommies with an asthmatic knows, the night time can be the worst time! We have been in the hospital so many times with him and it is so frustrating to do everything I know to do and still watch him get so sick and not be able to breath...I never sleep well when he is sick, because I always have a hand on his chest to feel how he is doing!
Please pray for us right now...I love God so much, and I hope it isn't wrong to say that at the same time, I am feeling weighed down....
I have been reading and praying so many Psalms right now and they give me strength, however, I also know that the prays of friends and family helps us in times of stress.
Thank you so much,
And I know I am bragging, but aren't those pictures of my two sons the cutest!!!!
love you all.


  1. your sweet boy is in my prayers!! praying that he gets really well before you have to leave him. i know that must be so hard!

    can't wait to meet up with the group in Dallas!

    oh and yes...those are the most precious pictures ever!! you have a beautiful family!!

  2. Yes, those are precious pictures! I'll be praying for your son. It must be scary to have that happen to one of your children! I'll be praying for you all.

  3. Brag away Mama, those pics are adorable!

    I'm so sorry about your sweet Corban. You can count me in to pray for him. And I will also be praying for you with all you have to do to get ready to go on your missions trip.

  4. I was at Sanyu yesterday for the first time--my heart is broken. The way the children were treated hurt to see. I have to do more! What? I am asking the Lord. Can not wait to meet up with you there.

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. What a BEAUTIFUL family you have! You have every right to brag about each and every one and picture! :)

    Please know that I will be praying for your darling boy and for peace for you as you prepare to leave him.

    My mama's heart is so thankful for people like you who will be with MY girl in Uganda! It's NOT an easy thing to do to let her go....sigh.


  6. Oh my friend, I am just catching up. Like you, I just feel such a heaviness and am not my bloggy self. Have no idea what it's all about!

    Praying your sweet little one feels so much better really soon. I know how hard it is to leave a sick kiddo behind when you have to travel. Trusting the Healer will touch his little body.

    Hey, don't worry about school--I'm sure they know more than enough for the year. And besides, next year you will start all over again and they can catch up on anything they missed. No big deal, hey?

  7. Such wonderful brothers- I love it when an older one reads to a younger one! I will pray for your sweet boy!

    You are such an awesome Mom! I am concerned about homeschooling more than one and you HS 10! Wow! I will pray that for a sense of peacefulness as you prepare for you trip and good health for your children at home.

    I look forward to hearing about the mission trip. God Bless the precious children of Uganda!

  8. Not bragging... just stating truth! "Be still and know He is Lord." Sometimes is the hardest thing to do... Corban is so lucky to have you as a Mommy! Christie was asmathic as a baby and I did the same thing... or I would sleep in the recliner and hold her, it seemed to help her breath better. I hope he outgrows it like she did (Kevin had it really bad as a child as well). I am praying for you as you prepare for your mission trip! This is where the enemy wants to sneak in so you won't go... he doesn't know who he is dealing with though! Keep on with the Psalms!!


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