Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Love Faces

This week at I Love Faces, the photo challenge is "Laughter"
For my kid entry: here is my precious Joeliana...I was tickling her and got this cute picture with my little Canon PowerShot. I love the look in her eyes.
Here is my Adult entry: my husband laughs so easily, especially at his children, as he was here.
Be sure to visit the other wonderful pictures at I Love Faces and play the fun photo game with us!


  1. I love both photos! Great entries!

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful smiles, beautiful photos, beautiful family!

  3. Great shots, I love the tickle one very cute.

  4. what sweet pictures! i love how you captured true laughter!

  5. Beautiful entries! :-) Your little girly is adorable (and her name is so pretty!) but your adult entry is especially amazing! :-)


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