Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Things I Love To Photograph (I May Cheat)

I love macro photography...
especially of beautiful colors....
the details are so amazing....from the outside to the inside...
there is so much beauty for the eye to see..
so many stunning colors...and the second thing that I love is clouds....
almost magical...
O.K., so I just have to post something else I love to take pictures of...
I told you I might cheat...did you know that dirt shows up MORE on a black child than a white one?
No dirt on this little beauty!!!!


  1. I love this blog. Your family is so beautiful. Amazingly so.

  2. Okay, so yes I do know that dirt shows up more on a black child. :0) But even so- HE IS SO CUTE! :0) BEAUTIFUL family you have! Amy

  3. I love those things too! Just yesterday I kept looking at the beautiful clouds and finally got my camera out to take their picture.
    You children are SO cute!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love pictures of flowers (other people's, not mine). And of course, your kids are adorable!

    I just popped over from Justin's blog to tell you that I'm praying for you as you get ready to head to Uganda as ambassadors for Christ. I read your post about God telling you what you are to do over there - just love people with His love. That is how simple it is, isn't it, to just love the people we meet every day with the love of Jesus. Thanks for such a sweet reminder. May you go in the strength of the Lord, love extravagently, be blessed by the amazing faith of Ugandan believers, and be amazed by all you see our awesome God do through you and your team.

    Kathy Vaughan

  5. Shonni... I LOVE you... you are the most talented photographer I know... seriously! I need to pay you to take my daughter's senior picture because I have seen your talent! I think it is the sense of humor! LOVED the pictures, of course... you know what I am saying... said it before and will say it again... WAITING FOR THE BOOK!!!

  6. Your pictures are beautiful! You are such an talented photographer. By any chance did you bring that camera to Uganda?

    You have such a good heart and you seek the Lord! I so admire all you do!
    Bless you and your daughter on your mission trip!


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