Monday, June 1, 2009

Odds and Ends

So, the update on my ladies - some amazing news, we found Shonni's camera in South Africa (on a whim I decided to check with the lost and found at the airport, and lo and behold-it was there!) God is good. Now just need to get it shipped to either Shonni in Uganda or back to the US. In Uganda, Shonni and Kalyn are loving the country and the people. They have been working hard (building a kitchen) but also got to visit the orphanage today, and yes, the little ones stole their hearts! All in all the trip is going wonderfully!

Me and the wee ones are holding down the fort. Yesterday, while the weather was good, we worked on the yard together. Got lots done before the rains came. Today was our day to do the laundry and clean some of the house, but we also took time to go see a movie (yes me and 8 littles ones ventured to the movie and they did fantastic!) We saw Up! An amazing movie for both kids and adults. Funny, moving, action, all you could want and more. Highly recommend for all to see.

In Bible time we read the story of Jonathan and his battle with the Philistines (prior to David and the giant) We talked about Jonathan's amazing faith in God. How his God was big enough to do what needed to be done and how Jonathan stepped out in that faith of a big God. While the rest of Israel held back, Jonathan moved out, expecting God to act, even before He did. The result, he routed the Philistines. Some times it is not a matter of how much faith we have , but of how big our God is!


  1. Yippee Jesus you found the camera!! I am so tickled for you. Also very impressed that you took all the kids to the movies. Did ya' have buttered popcorn? Totally jealous if ya' did. =)

  2. Super cool that you found the camera.. but where in the world was it found? In South Africa?

  3. yeah! I have lived in Africa long enough to know.... do NOT ship it to Uganda if you ever want to see it again. I promise. Almost every piece of mail is opened - especially packages. We never send my brother's family packages!!! We wait for someone to take them. God bless, and I will pray that you get that camera back soon.
    Angela (who has been saving her pennies unsuccessfully for a nice camera :-)

  4. You are doing GREAT keeping us up to date on things! THANKS!

  5. Praise God about Shonni's camera...hurrah!!

    Glad you are keeping SO busy. God bless you for yardwork and the movie trek. Bet everyone is having fun.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  6. You found the camera in SA! Isn't our God amazing?!!! I would agree, you should definitely have it sent home. I sent two packages to our orphanage in Uganda before Christmas, and they just got one in May - and the report that the other (with much more "good stuff" in it) is nowhere to be found - and we had to pay $54 to "redeem" the one they found.

    Thanks for keeping us posted on the Uganda trip. I continue praying for you. Sounds like you have made some sweet memories while Mom is away!

  7. Glad you found the camera! Whew! My girls want to see UP too... hopefully this weekend. How many potty trips with 8 kids? Glad you got some help on that lawn too!
    You are so right about the tests. Just when we think the water is calm, a storm comes. Thankfully He prepares us for what we are about to go through. Enjoy your relaxing business trip... Kevin always had a hard time watching two, he says he can't imagine watching 8... not matter how old!


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