Sunday, June 28, 2009

From Kalyn-Fun with Dew Drops

Here are some pictures I took while we were camping. It rained really good one after noon and me and mom were out taking lots of pictures. Hope you like!


  1. I love the raindrops .. we are dancing in the rain over here tonight as well. Thanks for splashing around with me today. Your sweet words of encouragement blessed me.

    Rejoicing in rain and rainbows,
    Sarah Dawn

  2. Oh wow--those pics are absolutely stunning, Kalyn. Mmmm---I see you have a gift with photography, just like your mom.

    Hope your wedding weekend was fun!

  3. Amazing photos Kalyn!

    Thanks for sharing them with us!

    Who truly loves God's creation and capturing through a lens!

  4. Great pictures Kalyn... I always think it is interesting to see things through other people's eyes! I wish we had some of that rain... it has been in the 100's here with NO rain... might be a scary 4th!

  5. Great pics! Does this mean your mom got her camera back finally?!? I sure hope so!! I know how terrible she felt and how sad she was to lose it. thanks for sharing! Be blessed,


  6. Amazing! I love the last one! It's God's creation awesome!?


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