Monday, June 29, 2009

A Little Break

I want to write more about Uganda, but tonight, I wanted to share some pictures from our camping trip. How do we camp, in a tent, with 9 children, a dog, and a mommy who must sleep on an air mattress (which, by the way, IS NOT because of my age!!!)? Kalyn and I got some cute pictures because my mother is so sweet and is letting us borrow her camera because mine is gone for good (long, sad story and I am crying!!). We are now saving up to buy it "again".
Yes, Aiden is licking the honey from the honey bottle...may be his mother should clean it occasionally....
Steve whole family blessed us this year with a new canvas tent. Our old tent had an unfortunate ending last year (imagine rain, short wife trying to help husband, and a VERY hot lantern). This tent is a "dream", it is so big!

Kiana, Alia and I....I love being in the mountains with my children and Steve....

Can you guess their favorite snack when we go camping?

Kalyn will probably get me for this....but you do what you got to do for the blog.

Since I will get in trouble, I might as well post two pictures of her....

How do you feed 9 children in the rain while camping? You thank the LORD for your 15 passenger van and that you can clean it later!

We always find water for the children to play in...they LOVE this part of our trips!

And a few pictures to show all the reasons...and there are so many reasons....that I love to go to the mountains and enjoy Gods beauty!!! Thanks Mom, for letting me borrow your camera!!!I have always said I have the best mother, however, now, we all know how exceptional you are and how much you must love me to let me walk out of the door with your Canon! I'm so glad that I'm your favorite...don't tell Kim.


  1. Oh you must absolutely be mom's favorite :)

    That tent is enormous--a palace! What a huge blessing that you can fit EVERYONE in one tent. Blessings from the Father, hey?

    What a fun trip spent with the ones you love. What a gorgeous spot--you'll have to tell me where it is.

    Love and hugs on this glorious day. I am so bummed that it is already July tomorrow :( Let's play soon.

  2. Hey Shonni!
    Are you in Colorado Springs?? I'm in Colorado Springs visiting and staying at the World Prayer Center. Any chance we could get together? We don't know each other but I'm a friend of Summers (in Uganda) too! Just thought it might be fun.
    you can email me at

  3. oh I can just see the fun that you all have, in each picture. What a wonderful time.

  4. Oh that looks like a wonderful trip! I love all of God's creation too!

    Thanks for sharing more of your trip with us!


  5. I'm not much of a tent-kind-of-gal...but I gotta say, that looks like fun!!

  6. Ahhhhh....I miss the woods, camping and hiking. Lovely photos. Thanks, as usual, for the love and encouragement.

  7. Oh Shonni- Your pictures are beautiful! You definitely need to have an awesome camera. I am sorry about your camera. Thank you to Shonni's mom- we are enjoying her pics!

    Your camping trip looks like so much fun! What a great time for the kids!!

    Love the extra large family style tent!!

    I have missed your posts on Uganda but plan to go back and read them! I am trying to wait for an uninterrupted moment- but that doesn't happen much in my life nowadays! I may have to reqad them with one on my back and one on my lap!

    Blessings to you!

  8. Looks like a fun trip!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and saying hi. And thanks for suggesting your son's blog to me. He's got some great stuff on there. :]

  9. What a fun trip. I used to love to camp, but now I like camping in a RV. I know it is not camping. I must say I love that tent though.

  10. Love all the pics! We are packing our big 15 pass. Clubwagon today ... for a trip to sunny, CA.

    We like marshmallows, too.

    mama of 13


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