Monday, June 8, 2009

On their way Home

Well, they are on their way home. The time always goes by faster than expected and there is a sadness in the leaving. I have been thankful to be able to talk to Shonni almost every night these past few days and did so last night as they got ready to board the plane for London.

She said the time in Uganda was great, eye opening, life changing, but went by far to fast. It was not always an easy trip, lots of emotional ups and downs, challenges and even disappointments, but a trip she was glad to make and hopes to make again. Our phone calls have been short out of necessity, but I know we will have many hours ahead of catching up and reliving her and Kalyn's adventures. They have made many new friends, both on the team and in Uganda and their lives have been enriched because of them.

The need is always so great, it can be overwhelming at times. There is never enough time, money, energy or people to do all that we want to do. But it may not be what we accomplish that matters, but just the very fact that we do what we can and keep trying. I know Africa, especiallythe orphans, hold a place dear in our hearts and we will never stop doing all we can, however seemingly insignificant, to make even the smallest difference.

Thank you again to all you who have prayed, provided support, or who even just read this blog to see what is going on. I know Shonni and Kalyn will be providing a lot of insight and info from their time in Uganda in the days or even weeks ahead. I hope to give you one more update tomorrow as I confirm the ladies have made it to London and then are on their final leg home.

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  1. I wanted to let you know that I've been praying as well and have appreciated your posts while Shonni was gone. You did an amazing job! Not many men would be able to do what you've done!!! Glory to God :o)


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