Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More from Africa

I need to go back to the beginning a little bit...when we were told that Kalyn could not go to Uganda at the airport because of a passport issue, I really couldn't tell you how horrible it was...I went over to the side and begin to cry...I just couldn't believe that this was happening. Kalyn came over to me (and this reveals what an incredibly sweet person she is) and said "Mom, your passport is fine...you can go with out me." Of course, I said no way...this was suppose to be OUR trip. Steve was working frantically with the lady at the desk to see if there was any way to make this happen. Finally, after several people were talked to, there was decided that a possible emergency passport could be issued ("Thank you Father God, that we were leaving out of the Capitol of Colorado, or even this would not have been an option!") Most of you have read the blog and know that we did get the passport, but by now a very strong heaviness was laying on me! I just couldn't "put my finger on it".
(Sorry, only one photo so far...must be the longest I have written without more photos). On our way, finally, I was disappointed that we were loosing two days in Uganda, fretting over the extra money things had cost. First stop - London. On the way the worst motions sickness that Kalyn has ever had started...and it didn't stop for the almost 3 days that we traveled. Poor baby!!! I couldn't do a thing to help her. I tried everything, and she tried bravely to keep going.
The "heavy feelings" were getting stronger, I can tell you!!! I felt so discouraged and questioned if we were really suppose to be on this trip.

After 9 hours in South Africa, it was time to finally load for Uganda. As most of you know, this is where my brand new, long saved up for, expensive gift from my husband was lost- my Canon 40D and lens. I love photography and Steve wanted to help me get back into this hobby as I had given it up with the business of raising our family. I was unsuccessfully trying to not cry and several people were so sweet about the loss.

So, with fear and trepidation, I began to think, we aren't even there yet...can anything else happen!
One of the things I was looking forward to before all this, was meeting a new friend from Uganda. She was going to try really hard to meet us at the airport, but then, with this new flight, we were arriving at night, so I knew that she wouldn't be able to meet us. After an hour of going through customs and stuff, we finally rounded the corner to find out who was picking us up and THERE SHE WAS. My sweet blog friend was standing there with four of her beautiful children. It was like seeing sunshine! I quickly found out that the cute young lady beside her was Jessica and she was at the airport to pick up Kalyn and me and take us to our mission group. After a few minutes of getting to talk to my blog friend, it was time for Jessica to get us to Pastor Dw and the group. How sweet it was when we drove up and all the men where waiting for us and ready to help us get our things inside. The young people immediately started helping Kalyn feel comfortable and I was feeling emotionally better.
I know this is long, but I must tell you something very amazing. I knew that you all were praying for us and encouraging Steve and that was such a comfort to me!!! Thank you so much for those prayers. The amazing thing is a note written to Steve by Kimmie. Now I never saw this note until the last day of the trip when we were in London. Part of if said..."I just stopped in to see how it was going...and I am amazed. Not for the trouble, but because the Lord had told me to pray that Shonni wouldn't be discouraged. He kept impressing on me that discouragement would be riding her."
It was so encouraging to me to see how the LORD knew what I was feeling and was speaking to my family and friends about their need to pray! I am so glad that we are all apart of HIS family!!!
So again, thank you all so much. Look forward to sharing more about our trip soon!


  1. Hi Shonni;

    Bless your heart. Thank you for sharing this part of your trip. You have encouraged my spirit deeply. How awesome is our Father, who magnificent are His ways.

    really really love you!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  2. whoops...should read...HOW magnificent are HIS ways.

    sometimes my fingers go faster than necessary ;-)


  3. I am blessed to have been a little ray of sunshine. I too am sad that we did not get to spend more time together, but the Lord was good in allowing us the little time we did get. I truly have plans to visit Colorado when we are in Oregon next! Thanks for all your encouragement :-) And yes, I am doing much better...."He lifts us up on wings like eagles..."

  4. Can't wait to hear more details!

  5. Of all the people on the trip that I was praying for besides Justin, James, and Pastor Dwight, I was praying for you. You ae so right - God knew and was asking us to pray. Please continue to post about your trip. I am hungry for every detail.

  6. Hi Shonni,
    I've arrived at your blog from Linny's as I've been avidly following news of your trip with Dwight over the last weeks. My husband Tim and I met Dwight and Emma last year on one of our trips to Uganda. We introduced them to An Open Door and Sanyu Babies' Home and they introduced us to African Hearts. It was a fun time all round.
    I was delighted to see a photo of Dinah (pron. Deena )with you at An Open Door.

  7. Good morning, sweet friend.
    Hope you had a blessed time away--and that your tent is still intact :)
    What a stunning post--isn't He just the BEST???

    Hey, check my blog--I have a little surprise for you :)

  8. Oh my goodness gracious!! God is just awesome. I love how you are able to share His faithfulness with us. Praise God!!

    I'll be back to hear more about your trip!

  9. What a beautiful Abba who gives His kids good gifts wrapped in friendship. Shonni, your blog always encourages me. I wish I could get over more (silly rain here in Costa Rica) but each time I do, God always has a jewel hidden in your words for me to discover. A jewel straight from His heart to mine.

    Thank you, for splashing the nations with His love,
    Sarah Dawn

    Your family is an inspiration .... the Lord has promised to fill our quiver, someday our table will be filled with the nations as well. As we jump hurdles in our first adoption, your words always refresh me in God's goodness.

  10. Shonni - I have not been able to find your blog in a long while and I'm so glad you posted a comment on Laurel's so I could hook up with you again!

    I love what you shared about this trip and how God uses those we know and love to pray over us even when we don't know they are praying exactly what we are concerned about.

    We serve an awesome God!

    I love that my dear friend Sarah Dawn is reading your blog! Oh how good is God to have her find you and be encouraged by His love poured out in your family!

    Rejoicing with you over the goodness of our Father! Abba You are so good to us!

    Blessings - Jill
    Lovin' the nations with you!
    PS Your passion is mine as well and my blog design site is to help the children around the world! 100% donation for them to find and know Jesus and be brought into loving homes filled with His love!

  11. Our God is an awesome God... Wow what a trip you had. I'll read more.

    Nannette from Life: Be In It

  12. Wow, that was some start to your trip. I am glad it turned out well.


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