Friday, June 5, 2009

Daddy's back

Well I was absent for three days on a business trip. I was blessed by two of our nieces as well as a few friends who came and stayed with the kids while I was gone. The house mostly survived! Of course Aiden did manage to tear up one decoration, that included cat tails, in our bedroom (you can imagine the mess!). Everybody is counting down the days until Shonni and Kalyn return.

I have run into an obstacle with Shonni's camera in South Africa. The courier will pick it up, but it has to be boxed and sealed first. I am trying to beg and plead with the airport (or one of the vendors at the airport) to see if they will package it for me. If not, I may have to use some resources of friends of friends who live in or pass through SA to see if they can pick up the camera for us and get it packaged and shipped to the US (of course one of those options has to do with flowers being shipped from SA to Greece. Too bad the camera can't take some pictures for us if it goes that route!)

Shonni and Kalyn are having a great time. Kalyn has really hit it off with some of the other teenagers on the trip and Shonni says she hardly sees her. Shonni says the trip has been life changing. She can't wait to get home and download with me all she has seen and experienced (I'm sure she will blog some to ya'll as well). She has loved working with the kids at the children's homes and she has made some great friendships with others on the team. Shonni got to meet with Katie, one of her blog friends, who lives and works in Uganda. Katie told Shonni about her work in Uganda and about some of the heart breaking problems the children face. Shonni has been impacted by the slum areas and the dangers the "least of these" face and the drug problems even the youngest struggle with. Shonni has met Tony, a young man who has a ministry to young girls, helping to train them on how to become nurturing mothers and caring women of their country. There is a lack of women to help train these children about how to be mommas, how sad.

Thank all of you again for your ongoing prayers and support! Two more days in Uganda and then the journey home begins, including a little adventure in London!


  1. So glad you are back safe and sound...and from the sounds of things - you are right - no one will ever be the same again!!

    And the Tony that you speak of? He is one of our "sons"...he calls me mum and Dw "dad"...he is a treasure and we love him to pieces!!

    Counting down the days till our crew is home!

  2. I got to spend about 30 minutes with Shonni today--short but sweet. Please thank all your kids for the thoughtful gifts, my kids saw the packages and said, "Christmas!" Lord willing I will see Shonni off early Monday morning.

  3. Glad the Papa is back safe and sound. Sorry about the cattails, yikes...that would be quite to picture for Shonni.

    Praying about your camera being sent back...praying the angels will carry it gentle in their wings. (regardless of how it travels or how it is wrapped.) God is able!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  4. I am so glad they are doing well in Uganda! Looking forward to hearing more about their experience. Praying the camera makes it back safe and sound!


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