Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From Kalyn-A Little Boy in a Purple shirt

Africa was amazing! It took a while to get there but it was worth it. We made some amazing friends and saw some joyful and some sad sights. One event that happened to me though really sticks in my mind.
On Tuesday I got sick and was throwing up all night (not fun). The next morning I was still weak and not feeling quit well but I decided I was well enough to go and watch our team play football (soccer) with some street kids. Some of us would also be face painting so I would help with that. Well I helped with the face paint for a while but we only had three brushes so I switched out with someone else and gave them a turn. It happened to be really, really hot that day and every one was drinking lots of water. Well this little boy was going around and collecting all the empty plastic water bottles and putting them in a plastic sack to take back and put drugs in and sniff. Well, I happened to be sitting up on this hill side that looked over the soccer field watching them play. This little boy, only eight or nine, comes up to me with his bag full of bottles and asks me if I am okay. I said I was fine and just watching the game. What he did next was so sweet and it kinda shocked me at first. He stands up and says "I make you umbrella," and he holds his little plastic bag full of bottles over my head to keep the sun off. It was just so touching, this little boy who would go back to the slums and sniff glue and stuff out of these plastic bottles; giving me shade with those same bottles. I told him that I was really alright and that he could sit down. He sat down beside me and we watched the game together. We didn't even say anything but just sat side by side on this hill. I could tell that in those few moments when we were sitting side by side we connected. We didn't say anything or do anything we just sat; two people from two different worlds.
I was sorry when we left, out of all the people there this little kid with his bag full of bottles took notice of me and was willing to stand in the hot sun to give me shade.
Kindness like that is rare and it is a reminder to me that no matter who they are or what their back ground is they are still precious. This little boy is precious to me now and every night I pray for him. This is a reminder to me also at what a little random act of kindness can do. I know that he has been an inspiration to me and that because of him I will look more closely to see those that need a little kindness in there lives.

(My little boy in the Purple shirt)


  1. What a beautiful boy with a very kind and gentle spirit.

    I know in Ethiopia they gather the bottles to reuse them. Sometimes they sell them for others to refill with water -we were warned not to buy bottled water from off the street. (meaning only from shops where they are sold sealed). I saw many women on street corners selling water in all sorts of bottles that were obviously recycled. I thought, who would buy that? But then again, I have clean running water in my house, with easy access to it. Easy for me, harder for a country that is in constant drought and famine.

    Praying that this boy in the purple shirt is not using it for drugs, though I know that the probability of my *hope* is slim, given his situation.

    Bless you for getting out of bed and ministering God's love to others. When we are weak, then He is strong.

    I loved your post Kayln.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  2. Love this, Kayln!
    I miss africa so so much and can not believe it is over! ugh...

    love you and miss you :)

  3. I haven't been able to take in all that you and your Mom did... there seems to be so much. One thing for sure though... prayer is a sure thing to change lives... and by praying for that boy everyday, you are giving him something that no one else is... God. How awesome is that Kalyn? Not only did you show him kindness and love, but you showed him Christ...

  4. Hey girls,

    so neat to find your blog too! I can't believe you have a little one from Liberia and are falling in love with UG too! There quite a few of us with "bi-continental hearts"!

    I'd love to hear more about your journey. . .who'd you adopt through? . . .who'd you go to UG with? everything! Feel free to email me brandi@ kidslake .org (just take out the spaces)


  5. Oh wow--what a beautiful God-story. Kalyn---you are an AMAZING writer, you have such a special gift that the Lord has blessed you with.

    I absolutely love the pictures.

  6. Just found this blog and I was so blessed! Just fed my little one and couldn't go back to sleep...now I know why. Kindness undoes me, it's just important to be kind. Thank you so much for such an incredible post.
    Kim Hull

  7. God's blessings to you Kalyn! I am so glad that you had a memorable trip. What a wonderful opportunity to to go to Uganda and serve God!!

    Your post us heartwarming- thank you for sharing!
    Jean from MN.


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