Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grateful/Thankful Thursday

Guess who we got to meet for the first time today? And we had a wonderful, fun picnic in the gorgeous Colorado mountains. Any clues yet?

Hint 1: between the two of us we had 14 children...

Hint 2: she has an infectiously fun laugh...(I know that this one isn't fair to our bloggy friends, so just trust me)...

Hint 3: she has 3 handsome sons, and 2 beautiful girls...come on, I'm showing you faces now...

Hint 4: no hint...this little one is just so cute and so precious!!!!

I am so grateful to the LORD for introducing me to this precious sister and for the beautiful day that we got to share together, and with our precious children....

Yes, I got to spend the day with this precious Joyful Mom .

Now you can imagine the thoughts that went through the other people's minds at this area who were also out to enjoy the stunning Colorado day; two white women show up with 14 children, all the colors of the LORD's beautiful family...well you can tell us what you think we might have heard and if she is feeling up to more laughter, Joyful Mom, can tell you, while my family and I pack to go camping for the next three days.


  1. Hey now, I'm feeling a little left out. I bet you had a wonderful day.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Sarah....I am definitely planning a Colorado trip next time we are in the states!

  3. I would love for you all to come enjoy beautiful Colorado Rockies with us...I have so many beautiful places I would love to show you!

  4. Oh what fun!! Love the pictures and love all the colors of the kids...the BEST!! And by the your K going to be able to come spend some time with my E? This summer? We hope!!

  5. What a blessing...glad you both got a face to face day. Looks like it was oodles of fun for everyone.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  6. How wonderful!! I love the pics of the precious children!! What beautiful blessings they are!
    Sounds like the two families hit it off and had a fun time!!

  7. What a your blog.........I love finding new blogs...Had a little time to blog hop tonight while waiting to go to the hospital and welcome a new grandson tomorrow. This month I am posting about our Disney trip, plus a great giveaway.

  8. How fun! You can see the "Joy" in everyone! Looks like the perfect day! Hope you had a great time camping!


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