Friday, June 26, 2009

re: Please Help-the vote

Thank you so much for your opinions about Alia's hair - to braid or not to braid - for the wedding.
What fun it was to read your comments, and thank you for the compliments about the cornrows. I like to do the cornrows because they stay in so long, and it is good bonding time with the girls....

so what was the "vote"?
One of you wanted braids with HEAPS AND HEAPS OF BEADS...
and my sweet "little brother" left his vote (thank you J, I miss you too!!!)...
there were 4 votes for either style...
3 for braided...
and 7 for the natural look.
I think some of your votes were "mercy" votes because you know that it takes a LONG time to braid,and since Jace came in last night, I want as much time as possible with him. So nautrual it will be. Thankyou again...have a great weakend!


  1. Oh I feel bad that I didn't get my vote in!! I like the natural look! And I'm a hair stylist so I think my vote should count double! :)

    It's darling either way...I'm just kinda partial to big, fluffy hair! I should have been a Texan!

  2. your family is sooo beautiful

  3. I didn't get my vote in either... but I am loving the natural look and time to spend with Jace!


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