Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grateful/Thankful Thursday

We do have so much that we are grateful for...
-and the very 1st one is each of you who prayed for Kalyn and me and for our mission trip to Uganda...and thank you for your sweet notes to my husband and Caresse who took over the blog while I was gone...

-boy, we were grateful that we were able to get this emergency passport...

-so that we could go to Uganda....
-I am so grateful that the LORD gave me the gift of being with the children and people of Uganda...

-and I am so thankful to have gotten to take this trip with my daughter, Kalyn.

-I fell in love in Uganda....with this young man, Tonny, and have "adopted" him as my son...I am so grateful to the LORD for bringing more love into our home through the relationship of this young man and the other amazing young men that we met. They each have become like sons to me and a piece of my heart stayed in Uganda with them each!

-I also am thankful for this give away that I won from Carebear ... it was so fun to come home to this and share it with my little darlin's. Thank you Carebear.

-Our team for this mission trip were amazing and I am so thankful to have met them each and to have had the privilege of working and serving with each of them!!! They have become very precious to me and my life is richer because of their friendships. I miss them so much already! (Who will I pick on now Justin?)

There is so much on my heart as I think of this mission trip and I look forward to writing down those thoughts in the following days. Thank you again for your prayers and support for us as we went to serve the precious people of Uganda.


  1. Glad you made it there and back! Can't wait to hear more details!

  2. I look forward to reading your future thought. What an amazing trip! We havent told the girls yet, but we 'may' be going on a family mission trip to Ethiopia next year, which will also allow us to meet their biological family in person. (mixed feelings on that though).

  3. Wonderful pictures! I can't wait to hear lots of stories about your trip. I'm sure it was life-changing!

    Glad you are home safe & sound!!

  4. Glad you made it home safely. Look forward to hearing all about your trip.


  5. Oh I am so glad you are home. Hope the jet-lag is not too awful. Yuk! The pictures are stunning. I can hardly wait to hear more about what God did. I followed Linny's blog too--incredible stories. I would love to hear Kalyn's thoughts too.

    Hey, let me know if your camera is on it's way home yet. Remember that if you need help I have a friend going through JHB in just a few days. Just shout if I can help out.

    Love and hugs

  6. Hey Missy! I am pretty sure Justin has told me a million times that we need to meet. He just loved the whole team but really bonded with you and James. I feel a Uganda Go Team reunion comin' on!

  7. Oh my goodness have higheed and can see your beautiful pictures and leave you comments!

    I am so glad you had a wonderful trip and I can't wait for you to blog, blog, blog about it.

  8. What a blessing indeed. How thankful I am that you were able to go and to minister to the little ones and share the truth, hope and love of Jesus.
    Can't wait to hear of how God moved while you were there. HOw I pray one day my family will be able to serve Him in China or Africa. Thank you for being faithful to our Lord and for sharing the Good News through your words and your actions.
    Welcome home.

  9. Yeah your home. I am so glad you had such a wonderful experience.

  10. Hey "Sis"! It was SO great being on the trip with you. Memories I will never forget! Miss you and the rest of the team tons!!! Just remember, I'm the nice brother :) Be blessed and say "hi" to Kalyn and the rest of the family for me!


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