Monday, January 10, 2011

I Had A Post, but...

Yep, I did...I had a post...something I feel is pretty important.  However, it will not be posted today...
Mercy, I have felt hormotional today.  Steve was gone all week last week and the weekend zipped by.  Monday seemed to have come to quickly and the morning presented us with just enough snow and ice to make driving difficult.  The only 4x4 that we have is my Baby.  So today, Steve left for Denver, where he works most days, in the “baby" - my Bronco.  I know you shouldn’t “love” a car, but I do have “deep affection” for my Bronco.  
Fast’s the end of the day, and I am finally stealing a few INTERRUPTED minutes to finish the post I wanted to put up and I get a phone call from Steve.  The clutch on the Bronco just broke and he is on the side of the road...which, by the way, we are under a wind chill’s 5 below right now.  Last I heard my baby was being towed and Steve was trying to get a rent car so that he can get home.  I tried to keep working on THE post, but finally decided to wait.  
here are the pictures of Alia’s hair that I did last week, because I did want to share them with you and may be today is a good day for them.
Here is her hair after corn row braids and a night of sleeping in satin covered sponge curlers (from Walmart). 
 This one shows her hair before I put it in a pony tail.

 And these two show her hair after I put the back in a pony tail.  It was really cute and she loved the curls.  And if she looks cold, that is because it was!!!  However, her crazy camera lovin’ mom wanted natural light...poor baby.  So she bucked up and put on a happy face for me, cuz, you know, she LOVES ME...isn’t it great to be loved!
Praying my man is home soon tonight.  By the way, we celebrated our 23 anniversary this weekend...but all I can think is that I am missing him.  And praying our Bronco is home soon and doesn’t cost too much to fix. 


  1. You did a fabulous job on her hair! It's beautiful!

  2. You did a great job on the hair! We are inspired. Can you take a picture of the back for us? How long does this type of hair do last for Alia?

  3. Oh just look at you beautiful little lovie all grown up. How sweet, sweet, sweet.

    Gotta love life in CO, friend. Minus 5?????? Nooooooooooo :)

    Love you.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Praying for your Bronco too :-)

    You do an incredible job with hair - WOW! Totally impressed. I don't have patients for that at all! Nope.

    Hugs and lots of love!

  5. PRAYING he is safe! And it doesn't cost too much.

    OK her hair is ADORABLE!!!!!!

  6. The hair looks fabulous! I am quite impressed.

  7. Love her hair!! She's precious!! :) Praying your hubby is home already and you are snuggled away some where. :)
    Happy Anniversary!

  8. ADORABLE! Love you sweet friend and praying for you daily! Happy Anniversary!

  9. Absolutely beautiful! Do you do her hair yourself? It's adorable!

  10. I loved creating new braid styles when my girls were little. I used tons of beads! When my daughter Grace was in grade school, she'd get a new teacher each year and then tell me "Just braid my hair the same way you did last year because my new teacher hasn't seen those braids yet!!" This was the same daughter who asked at age 2; after I told her what her birthmothers name was- "Yeah, but what's her last name!" LOL!! Now my girls are 17 and 20 and the younger one flat irons hers, and the older wears hers in a beautiful short fro, because she is like me- we'd rather do other stuff, including others hair than fix our hair! Your girls are precious and I love their hair! Happy Anniversary!

  11. Wow, you're just so talented and blessed! Beautiful!

  12. Beautiful hair! So sorry about the stressful car situation! Hope it's all worked out by now! And, last but not least, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! :)


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