Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As Requested

Here is a picture of the back of Alia’s hair, per a new friends request at Where The Acorns Fall

And, yes, crzy4myfam, I do the girls hair myself.  I have looked at a lot of blogs and youtube videos and books to learn and I really do enjoy doing their hair!
Thank you so much for the sweet comments about Alia’s hair, our anniversary and the broke Bronco.  
The children set up a beautiful candle lit dinner for us downstairs for our anniversary Sunday night and served us...it was so nice.  
 I looked horrible...I wasn’t feeling too good.  What a precious and thoughtful thing for the children to do for our anniversary.  There were dozens of candles and they brought in our iron table from outside (after they tried to knock the snow off) and decorated it so beautifully.  Then, after they had served us, they went upstairs and took care of all the little one’s so that we could enjoy our special dinner.  
Steve did get home safely last night and the Bronco IS going to cost quite a pretty penny to fix.  We are going to attempt to tow it ourselves from Denver to our home here in Black Forest tomorrow, so that our most beloved and generous mechanic down the road can fix it, for less than what it would cost in Denver. 
Here are a few other fun pictures from our days...
 Precious Joeliana-we also call her Joeli-love.

 I picked this up at Hobby Lobby and we have been having so MUCH fun with it.

 Buzz Lightyear is saving the world from TheraPutty (I’ll tell you more about this amazing stuff later, but if you can’t wait, look on Amazon).

And Bible time with a baby...it take a lot of patience, discipline and creativity!  Thankfully, Kiana has all of those and is a great help!
Loves to you all!


  1. What thoughtful kiddos you have, my friend. So special.

    Goodness, but your baby love is growing way too fast, huh? Soooooo precious.

  2. What a sweet gesture of love :)

    OK now I have a goal to learn how to cornrow. I have always wanted to, but I think I need a better video??

  3. Happy Anniversary!!

    How precious. Our's is on the 23rd of this month, and we usually go out to dinner. This year, it looks like a nice candle lite dinner at home may be in order, as NO ONE seems to want to pay my husband. :(.

    But it will be nice regardless.

    Oh I understand your bronco-love. I have one too. I love my suburban. It is old. It is chugging along, but I keep saying " Honey, let's keep it going as long as we can. <3.

    I am going to need to learn how to do that kind of hair when our new baby girl comes along. I will need to watch those youtube videos.


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