Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Amazing God News

And I couldn’t wait to tell you;
 See that cutie there in the middle?  Yea, my mom, lovingly known as Gommy to most...who is surrounded by my precious dad (Dandy) and Steve, Kim and Karla.
She’s the one who has trusted that the LORD was going to heal her after a horrible accident broke her leg over three years ago.  

She has gone through 4 (or is it 5?) surgeries trying to get her leg healed.  Time after time we heard bad news about the bone growth, still they (my parents) turned to the LORD and trusted Him and knew that He would heal her.  Those crutches have been her constant “unwanted” companions for those long years of waiting and watching to see what the LORD was going to do.  It’s been hard, emotionally and physically!!!
But JOY COMES IN THE MORNING (doesn’t it mom!)
Today, there was bone growth and she was told to throw those crutches away and come back in 18 months for a check up!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I was getting off the phone, mom told me to be sure and tell the children, who have persistently prayed for the LORD to heal and give bone growth to Gommy,  
she told me to be sure and tell them the LORD has answered our prayers!  Because she wants them to know the truth of the love and the goodness of the LORD that we serve!
Do you know what I would tell you today if you are struggling through something?
Call upon the Name of the LORD. 
Jeremiah 10: 25 talks about families that do not call on the Name of the LORD, and it isn’t pretty.  Many places in the New Testament speaks of the new Christians as “those that call upon the Name of the LORD, Jesus Christ”.  
My parents have taught us all to be a family that calls upon the Name of the LORD and to trust Him.  We all know that things don’t always work the way that WE would like.
However, because we belong to HIM and call on HIM things will work out His good and perfect way.
And sometimes, when you really need to hear something good remember my mother who trusted and believed that one day she would see her healing!  And she did!


  1. I just love seeing photos of your parents and hearing your joy when you are with them!

    Love you!

  2. WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!! Glory to God for his faithfulness!! And thank you for sharing this faithbuilding news. xoxo

  3. Yayyy!!! Wish these were the stories we shared in the media! Thanks for sharing this testimony.

  4. Praising Jesus with you.

    We are trusting Jesus for our own miraculous healing, and know that His will is to bring healing and restoration where the enemy had snuck in and tried his best to steal what the Lord had created. God IS a God of miracles; our family has many testimonies of His faithfulness through His miracles.

    Thanks for your prayers as we trust God for healing and restoration of broken relationships (which at times can be more difficult to heal than broken bones).



  5. Oh, wow!! That is such fantastic news!

    All glory to GOD!!

    Yaayyyy for God!!!
    How encouraging - thank you for your blog.
    Praying for the little ones in China!

  7. That is SO awesome!!! I'm so glad to hear this news. God is so good.

  8. YAY! Love it!!!
    Praising God with you!

  9. Praise God!! Thank you for sharing this!!

    There is nothing he cannot do!


  10. Praise God!!! How awesome is He!!!!


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