Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodness, I Have No Other Words...

 Here’s a few fun pictures 1st.  
 Kalyn made a birthday cake for Steve..she added a secret ingredient to the middle and now we call the recipe “Kalyn’s Chocolate Oreo Looking Dipped In Chocolate Icing Cake.”  I know, that’s a mouth full!  In more ways than one! LOL

 We started tearing out the wall in the kitchen so that we could remodel this little corner to work better.  My parents will be here this weekend to help finish it.
Our home heater broke a few days ago, and today is suppose to be the coldest day since ’97.  Steve is trying to find a part and hopefully get home to fix it later this evening.  We have a few little heaters in bathrooms to keep the water pipes from freezing and our fire place is going non-stop.   It is pretty cold here in the house today though.  Oh the adventures.  
Also, the boys bed broke and can’t be fixed.
And my little toe is broke and I think it is growing back in the wrong place.

Thank you all for your cute comments on the last post!!!  I really enjoyed a few laughs myself from your own run away adventures.
Janet asked about our van in the garage...yes, we built the garage to fit the van, which is why it fits....a normal garage size would not fit a large size van.

Kristi’s comment really had us all laughing....
"Thanks for "keepin' it real!" I love your response about the chores!
I ran away from home once too, but had to come back as soon as I got to the end of the driveway as my parents had drilled into my head not to cross the street and the sidewalk was on the other side. :)”

Sophie asked who the ring leader is - KIANA!!!!

And very importantly, Catalina asked us to pray for a little boy who was badly hurt in a fire!  Please visit her blog to find out more and let’s pray for this family.


  1. Oh my- you do have a few things happening at home. Hope your toe is okay- ouch that hurts.

    I love how you make things work- just move a wall or two!! Creative and problem solving!! Your blessed to have a handy hubby! I love my guy but handy he is not!

    The cake looks great!! Good job Kaylin!!
    Happy Birthday Steve!

  2. Wow you sure got a lot going on!!!!

    Love the cake and photo - precious memories!

    Love to you and I will join you in praying for the people mentioned here!

  3. Love the cake- yummy!!! PRAYING your heat can be on tonight!! And definitely praying for the little boy!

  4. That cake looks so yummy!

    Praying you get the heat working soon.

  5. Just lost my comment somehow--switching google accounts.,,,anyway.
    Sorry things are breaking, just eat more cake =), it will all work out. Do you have the professional series frigidaire (like mine)?, caught my eye in the pic.
    I hope your heat is fixed soon, praying that it will be!

  6. Love reading about your family. Love the picture of the New Earth you represent through each one of their unique faces and personalities. Thank you for being an inspiration!

    "All nations whom You have made will come and worship before You, Oh Lord, and will glorify your name." Ps 86:9

  7. Hey I want one of those "special" garages!! Quite honestly, having to get a vehicle that doesn't fit in the garage when we live in a place with the nastiest, icy winds (think wooden swingsets 2x tipping over, trampolines blowing acorss yards) is what was the absolute HARDEST thing about making the decision to adopt #6. Now I know wishing to load kids in a sheltered garage certainly isn't a good reason NOT to adopt a child...but it sure was a tough one have a good heart about. Especially today. It is nasty, icy windy! HOpe your house is warming back up today!!! Blessings, Jennifer

  8. Never a dull moment, is there! Oh, how I pray for dull moments every once in awhile, though. Hang in there! :)


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