Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Don’t Forget To Dance....

Today was a day of “busy and quickly”... busy doin’s school quickly, quickly doin’ my shower, busy eatin’ lunch and quickly cleanin’ lunch so that we could run to town (which is a 30 minute drive one way) to check a little darlin’s teeth and busy buyin' some necessary items for the next week. I quickly sucked my coffee down and wondered why I am having these funny little red spots on my face.  I quickly scanned emails and blogs, but really had no time to even think about what I was looking at.  
I got home to find an email that said we should have our state approval for our adoption in the next week, so now it is time for the I800A to be sent in - quickly.  One more step closer to our children!
It is late now and there are 4 children sitting in “time outs” at least till tomorrow...O.K. I WILL let them up before that...BUT only long enough to go to bed!!!  Three other children are in the red warning area’s of time out, or straight to bed if they push it.  It is hard when we have to go to town because the children miss their naps, and boy is it showing.  And one of the worse acting out children is Aiden, our little sensory guy....he is pretty much “over the top”.  His jammies are bothering him; his brother took “his” book (not); a sister is looking at him; and on it goes.  Every few seconds he is in trouble or screaming or crying and fussing.  And for him each thing is a completely “earth shattering” emotionally roller coaster of issues.  I am hoping to schedule an appointment with an occupational therapist (who is familiar with sensory integration) in the next few days.  
So, I posted the above picture because sometimes I need to remember to stop and dance, or stop and hug.  I laid on the couch with the kitchen a horrible after dinner mess and held one of my milder boys, because it is so easy for him to just be good, and not get “me” as much.  I tickled him and petted him and stroked around his beautiful Asian eyes and just loved on him.  Chaos was happening around us, but we still stole our little moment and I’m glad that I did. 
Today was busy, but it teaches me to still find time to nurture and love on those precious ones.  And now, I am going to take some little loves up stairs and pray our blessing over them and sleep...not quickly because today will become tomorrow, and yesterday will soon be a precious memory of living and loving busily, but thankfully.


  1. Awesome photo and message!

    Lots of love!

  2. Beautiful reminder Shonni! Thank you!

  3. Us too- 45 minute trip to "town" to get things and missing naps- yep totally understand how that causes everything to be a lot more complicated :( Thank God for GRACE!!!

  4. Oh my are getting soooo close!! How exciting. Shoni, what state are you in? After many OT's and PT's for our daughter's sensory, we ultimately saw a wonderful neurodevelopmentalist. She was able to figure our daughter out to a T and develop an in-home therapy program that we do with her daily. Let's just say we saw HUGE improvements within weeks. So much so that we were able to discontinue the program. She's starting to slide back a bit since being home with our new son so we will be starting her program again.

    We are a homeschooling family and it just made sense that we were the one's administering her therapy on a consistent daily basis not once or twice a week at OT...she actually got worse with the OT visits.

    Here is her website: She is able to help in many state and even via skype. Blessings, stacy

  5. Wonderful reminder for all of us!

    Oh and by the way that jumping around that happens with the dancing is great for sensory issues, big muscle movement and joint pounding all in one. It should help him feel somewhat more grounded. Jumping jacks, trampoline, bear crawl and so much more can do the same things when he is on a down hill slide:)


  6. Beautiful post! Sweet Aiden- can't believe a sister looked at him!

    Love those sweet moments we have with those that don't ask for much of our time!

    Thank you for the kind comments you left when I needed encouragement! They were so helpful!

  7. This was beautiful.... really. I love you didn't sugarcoat it. Sharing your heart has touched mine!

  8. I had to laugh at the "4 on time out" part. Glad to know ours isn't the only family that has some hectic moments. Glad you got some cuddle time in. Blessings to you!


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