Saturday, January 29, 2011

Silly Little Darlin’s

 As I got ready to start my day, I noticed four little darlin’s getting their coats and shoes on and they had little back packs and bundles over their shoulders.  I asked them what they were doing, and they told me between giggles that they were running away.  
 I asked them why and they told me they were running away so that they wouldn’t have to do their chores any more.
 You will notice that it is a little cold...and that Landon thinks that they are just a little crazy.  Landon is way to practical to do something this crazy.  However, little Keshawn would like to go with them, except that he is barefoot.  By the way, Joeliana is in flip-flops, just in case you were wondering.   
 As they started on their way a beautiful soft snow began to fall.  I was glad to see that teddy was going with them to watch over my silly darlin’s. 

 As Keshawn and I watched them walking down the drive way, he gave them a little wave good-bye.  

 I went back inside with Keshawn, who began to cry because he couldn’t go with the little run aways.  Kalyn walked by him and lovingly said “I’m sorry Keshawn, but you’re not old enough to run way."
 Silly darlin’s, do you want to tell them that running away wont get them out of their chores;
Or should I?

The rest of the story...they did come back home after a few minutes, and when I asked them why they were back so soon, they said they would run away when the weather got warmer.  Then they asked if they could have some thing warm to drink.
My answer...”Yes, my most precious darlin’ soon as you finish your chores."


  1. Too precious.

    Sometimes kids parallels to our life in Christ are so amazing.

    How often do I run-away from His love over a little training of His?

  2. How cool that you have that in pictures so that someday you can look back at it and have a big laugh. :)

  3. Oh how sweet!!!! Reminds me of the Little Bear books I read to my grandson!

  4. Oh that is so funny!! Didn't they do something similar to this before? I love how you responded...this is great! =)

  5. Cute! I noticed your van in the garage. Did you build after you had the van, or just get lucky. I could get my suburban in our garage, but my van is 19' long and 9'tall (rear a/c on top)....trying not to envy you=)

  6. Thanks for "keepin' it real!" I love your response about the chores!
    I ran away from home once too, but had to come back as soon as I got to the end of the driveway as my parents had drilled into my head not to cross the street and the sidewalk was on the other side. :)

  7. HAHAHA! Love it! So glad you documented this!

  8. Ha- I love it!!

    I ran away once, too! My mom wouldn't let my salamander stay in the house... that was so mean of her! She picked me up about a block away from home and the salamander slept in the garage ;-)

    I was glad to get a ride home!

    Too, too cute!!

  9. Ha Ha Ha!! That is hysterical!! Not good planning on their part considering the weather and all, but it's funny how they are considering attempting this again in the warmer weather.
    Who is the ring leader, or this a combined effort??

    I'm just dying of laughter here Shonni!!

  10. Love it!!! You have some very creative kids!

  11. This is one of the best post I have read in a long time. <3 LOL

    You are a good momma.

  12. hahahahahaha....that is toooooo sweet for words. {laughing}

  13. Too cute! They'll have a good laugh over these pictures someday. :)


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