Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Know...I’m Bragging

Caresse loves to sew, like I have said in other posts...and I hate to sew, as I have also stated!!!  Being a very “smart” home school mother, I found some wonderful books to “teach” Caresse so that I wouldn’t have to.  
One of the books (that I love), starts out “Do you fall in love with fabric?” - yes...that is Caresse.  The book is Sew What! Skirts and she loves it.  It teaches her how to make her own patterns for skirts, which she just seems to be a natural at.  
Well, she got so motivated that she sewed a SHIRT for Garett.  No patterns, except what she drew.  And, I have to brag, because I am very proud of her first shirt.  And Garett is very proud of his new shirt also.  He wore it to church today!
Now I am trying to control myself as I think of all the projects I have for Caresse.  She is afraid I am going to chain her to the sewing machine.  Can I do that?  If I feed her?  O.K., O.K.  I wont, and I may not have to if I just provide beautiful fabric for her!!!  I see an evil plan evolving....


  1. Wow! She did a great job :-)

    How fun that she made a really special new shirt for her brother too!!!

    Hugs and love,

  2. Amazing talent! Way to go Caresse!!
    Much love!

  3. wow, she really did an amazing job! keep up the good work and have a ball while you are at it!


  4. Way to go Caresse! My hubby bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I have no clue how to sew, I'd love to borrow Caresse!

  5. great job!!!!!!!! she beats me! i never figured out the whole pattern thing-- now cross stitch i can do!

  6. How awesome is that?! So cool! GREAT job Caresse!

  7. Wow!! Impressive!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  8. Wow! She is good!! She has a natural knack for it!!

    I always wanted to sew too BUT couldn't figure out those darn patterns. I think I was so afraid of doing something wrong, I couldn't do anything at all...

    Great job Caresse!

  9. Great job Caresse! What a gift you have!!! Blessings, Jennifer

  10. Wwooooohoooooo....go Caresse! Natural talent right there. A fashion designer, maybe? Mmmmmmmm.

  11. Haha... chain her to the machine. You crack me up. That shirt is AWESOME! Yep, you just bring home yards and yards of amazing fabric and she will do the rest! mooohaa haa haa (evil laugh insert)

  12. Great job, Caresse! I have never been someone who loves sewing and looking at fabrics makes me want to flee in the opposite direction. But I so admire people who are diligent enough to do it and do it well. Love the shirt!


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