Monday, January 17, 2011

A Biblical Approach To Cleaning A Toilet?

"Biblical Worldview" has become a popular phrase in many Christian circles.  Have you thought of it much?  At 1st, I didn't give it much thought...I felt I was already pretty much looking through my "Biblical" glasses at the world around me, and I certainly want to teach my children to know and live by the truth found in the Scriptures.

But, I've been thinking a little more on this after reading the below quotes from Total Truth by N. Pearcey....

"The danger is that if Christians do not consciously develop a Biblical approach to the subject (all subjects), then we will unconsciously absorb some other philosophical approach."

"In other words, not only do we fail to be salt and light to a lost culture, but we ourselves may end up being shaped by that culture."

"We just begin by being utterly convinced that there is a Biblical perspective on everything - not just on spiritual matters."

Do I believe that there is Biblical perspective on EVERYTHING?  And are there some Bible ideas that I have rejected because they were to hard, or I didn't like them?

I'm really trying to look at some of my thinking and find those thoughts or ideas that I have absorbed from my culture.  I know that I had many problems in my marriage during the 1st years because I had certain ideas and expectations that lined up with my cultural world views, but certainly not Gods Biblical truth.  I have learned that even some good "Christian counseling, books and sermons" are laced with a cultural opinion.

It made me think of one of the very 1st things that the LORD did when He brought His children out of Egypt.  They did not know the LORD's ways, they only knew Egypt's ways.  So He sent something simple, the 10 commandments, and told them to learn them and be careful to do them.  Sounds easy enough really, but before I can judge them for falling so quickly back into their "Egyptian" ways, I would be wise to learn a lesson from their mistakes.  I am sure that many of the stories in the Bible are partly there to teach us the dangers and mistakes that others have made and to help us learn from them.  I think it is probably easier than we think to "fall" into cultural ideas that are against God's ideas.  And God makes it very clear through out the Bible that He considers this REBELLION.

We live in a culture that does not know the LORD's truths nor does it typically try to keep them.  The danger that I want to be very aware of is how easy it can become to fall into ideas that are against what the LORD has clearly given us.  And to teach our children to REALLY know how HE has told us to live.  It's really pretty easy to'll be the way that is opposite of what the world says.  Is there a Biblical Approach to cleaning a toilet?  "Do all things without complaining" is the first thing that comes to mind.  Let's look at our thoughts and actions and do some detective work;  are they lining up with the LORD or with the world?  I really want to encourage myself and you to be very careful about the influences around us and our families!



  1. Great post.

    It truly is so important to see everything through the lens of scripture...

    I have chosen to stay away from nearly all Christian "help" books because, as you said, even well meaning Christian authors have been influenced by the world system.

    Blessings my friend,

  2. REALLY great post, Shonni. I needed to hear that.

    You are right-on, girl!

    Now every time I find myself complaining about cleaning toilets...I'm going to think of this post. And the biblical truth that I need to put into practice.

    I'll let you know how that goes. PERHAPS it will lead me to clean the toilets more often!

    THAT would be a good thing.

  3. Ok..if you need a laugh today, yes there is a "Biblical approach to cleaning a toilet". I wrote about ours two Christmas's ago. We also have another toilet issue that I realize we never prayed about as we did battle. This would be an example of a "non-biblical approach to fixing a toilet". It was much more difficult doing it "our way" rather the "His". Blessings, Jennifer

  4. Great post, Shonni. So true.

    If we aren't careful, the culture will stain how we view aspects of our life and everything around us, and I have found that my flesh will do the same thing if I don't consistently look at everything through His Word.

  5. I found myself in the kitchen scrubbing my husbands cereal bowl and throwing the empty trash left on the countertop for the umptenth morning in a row, thinking how I needed to tell him again what he's doing wrong. Then, I stopped myself and thought of what Paul said to us women, to show our husbands the love of God through a quiet and gentle spirit. So I shut that talk up and continued on with my house work in a joyful manner. Wether he sees my efforts or not doesn't matter, it only matters what God sees here and in my heart.

  6. Hi Shonni!

    Haven't been around in a while!....

    I loved this...makes you think for sure. Society and our culture should not dictate what is right and wrong...only Almighty God. It is true, though, you really have to think because it can happen without even noticing it!


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