Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It’s A Journey

My journey as a new knitter is teaching me something...
I must enjoy it as a journey,
or I will go crazy with all the mistakes I keep making.
It is very frustrating because I normally don’t know how to fix my mistakes and so I have to pull out the whole thing.  However, after a week of that, I must find out how to fix things.
But for now, I keep telling myself that this is a journey;
of learning, breathing, slowing down, thinking, reflecting, enjoying the feel of rhythm in the needles and the softness of the yarn.  
And I know that sounds beautifully poetic and all,
but I can also tell you that my more practical side is hoping that there will be an actual completed projected at the end of this journey.

Not good news on Caresse’s shoulder, but I have to run a little girl to the dentist with a tooth ache.  So I’ll be back later with more.
loves to ya’ll this Tuesday.   


  1. ohhh Caresse!!! I'm so sorry! and praying the toothache isn't too bad either! My knitting journey has never begun - still a dream :) So my hat is off to you for even beginning this journey! :)

  2. I hope the toothache is okay! Every stitch you make will get you one stitch close to being an expert!! It will happen!

  3. Visiting from Yarn-Along. Im sorry to hear you have little ones that are ailing. Get a well written knitting guide. I cant think of the name of the one my local yarn store sells to beginners. Im sure you could get lost on Amazon searching for one.
    I love the photos of your beautiful family. We have only adopted one child with three bio older children. I wish we had started sooner. two out of three have flown the nest so I dont have many helping hands with little one. We are praying for Gods will.


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