Monday, September 19, 2011

Cannot Fail

When you don't give up you cannot fail --Derek Redmond. 
(Look how hard he is trying - Precious One)

I saw the above quote at Ann’s blog - Crazy For Kids.  It was perfect since last week was another tough week for both Aiden and us.  As he gets older I can see that the Sensory Processing - Sensory Seeking issues are also getting bigger.  I started 1st grade with Alia and Joeliana, and Aiden jumped right into it with them, which I wasn’t quite expecting.  I wasn’t sure if he would be ready yet.  I was hoping that Corbin would join the girls, but HE is the one that isn’t ready.  I don’t stress over a 6 year old not being ready for “formal” academics.  There are plenty of fun ways to “teach” that do not need to be stressful to a child that isn’t ready for it yet. 

Seeing Aiden in “school” mode though was also an eye opener.   I sit here trying to find the words to describe what he does...there is so much energy in this little, not “energy", but ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great big bouncing off the ceiling intense energy.  He would never make it in a public class room.  I stay in a constant state of trying to direct this little darling adorable tornado in a positive way - which just isn’t possible, and it is exhausting.   A few things happened last week that re-surfaced the need for me to find an Occupational Therapist and get the help that both Aiden and I need.  Those who know Aiden all understand...he isn’t “bad” and nor have we neglected  to discipline and train him.  In fact Aiden has one of the most tender and loving hearts I’ve seen.  It’s like the engine in a car - his behavior can quickly start running at 100mph, and he can’t get it to slow down.  He literally craves and seems to need high-energy, high impact activity.  And, of course there are situations daily that trigger immediate explosions of disorganized energy.  Besides that, he is crazy strong for a 5 year old.  And not afraid of anything.  

  I felt overwhelmed last week about how and where to get the help that we need and that is why that quote (and if you go to Ann’s blog, there is an awesome video story behind the quote), meant so much to me.  Of course we wont “give up” or quite; we will pick ourselves up again, pray to the LORD for guidance and wisdom, and keep on walking beside our son until we cross the finish line. Because this little guy is worth it all!!! 


  1. Your Aiden sounds a lot like my Charlie...gets going and doesn't know how to back it down. You do know God has BIG plans for our boys, right?? :) Now, to just shepherd them into that role...
    Not saying I know a lick about Aiden's needs, but we did find that the elimination diet for Char helped him a ton, and even my skeptic hubby has been blown away by the difference. I'd be happy to share if you're interested.

  2. I feel like you're describing my 9-year-old brother! He too, has Sensory Processing and is a bundle of energy. Never have I met a kid with such a sweet, tender heart as my baby brother. He did some occupational therapy when he was younger and has done other forms as it is needed. He is such a warrior and I am SO proud of him. After 20 years of homeschooling my sisters and I, my mom is homeschooling him this year as well. From what I hear, it is working out so well. God is good in providing for us the means to do what He has called us too!

    Aiden is such a sweetie! No doubt that the Lord has great BIG things in store for him!

  3. I feel you.....our Elizabeth is sooo much the same way- same age too!!! OYE!!! There are days I just have to take a step back. Like you said she is very tender hearted, but soooo FULL OF ENERGY!!!


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