Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HELP - Their Chance Is Almost Gone!!!!

These three and six other children have one week to find their families before their files go back and their chances to have a family are pretty much gone forever.  PLEASE help spread the word and pray for them all.  These children and the other children can be seen on the ASIA blog.  Several of the older children have grants also!!  So please blog, facebook and all those other handy communication thingy’s and let’s help these precious ones find their forever families!!!


  1. My heart is touched seeing these children and reading about their last hope to find a forever family. Am headed to an orphanage in China next month and think I will barely be able to stand it...coming home...knowing so many may never find families. Heartbreaking.
    We have one daughter we adopted from foster...but always understood China adoptions were extremely expensive. Guess I need for read more about it. Thanks for sharing these precious children. Praying they find their forever families soon. ~ jen

  2. Such precious kids. Just catching up on your blog...will pray that all goes well with Caresse's CT scan.


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