Monday, September 19, 2011


Thank you all for your patience in waiting to hear about Guatemala. I lost the pictures that I took while there and didn't want to do a post without showing you all what we did. So I finally have the pictures again and thank you all for your prayers and support while I was gone.

I had an amazing trip, I went with my wonderful grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousin. Another amazing family, the Porters made up the rest of our team.

We divided up into three different teams, one team was a medical team, who did a great job taking care of people that came in with all sorts of medical issues.

 Next was the eyeglass team, Doctor Rob would prescribe a prescription and then the people would walk out to a long table full of glasses that were lovingly donated where a match would be found. God was so good because rarely would a person have to leave without having their prescription filled.
And lastly they would head over to my incredible Gommy who would fit the glasses, just right on their face.

The last team was a construction team, this clever, good looking, group was made up of just two people, my Uncle Kim (the clever one) and me (the cute one).
We transformed this shack

into a, mosquito proof, water free, dry, one bed room house. We built this house for a man who is a crippled and can no longer work or support himself. A loving family from the church allowed him to live on their property. In some peopl's eyes what we built him would still be called a shack, but we built him what we could and the best building is the one built out of love. 

^Later that week we also fixed the roof on a house for a family of fifteen. We didn't do anything really big or grand or something that is going to impact thousands of people. But the whole point was to show them that we care for them, as individuals. That way over here in America they have brothers and sisters in Christ who are praying for them and who yearn to make a difference in their lives by one act of kindness at a time, for one family, one person, one child.

Guatemala is an amazingly beautiful place, the scenery there is just breathtaking. And even though we all worked hard we still had time for lots of fun.

I had a wonderful time and was so blessed by the people that I went with and the people and friends that I made there. It was a very memorable trip and one that I would gladly do again.

And who knows, next year just might find me on a plane heading back to Guatemala...

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