Monday, September 12, 2011

CT Scan...

Cat scan tomorrow on Caresse’s shoulder...
then a follow up appointment with the Dr.  Tonight,  I am so grateful for this Dr. that takes care of my family.  He, Dr. T., has been a blessing from the LORD to us.  I first “met” him in the emergency room, when I needed surgery on my hand after a traumatic accident that killed our dog and left me with two fingers that had severe nerve damage.  This wonderful dr. put me back together those 10 years ago and has now taken care of Caresse and the bone growths that cause her so many problems since (in the upper half of her body...we have another blessing from the LORD...Dr. M, who takes care of the problems in Caresse’s legs).  
Thank you for your prayers and comments today...I really need it right now and am so grateful.  I will be praying for you also.  
To the LORD be the glory...He reminded me today that He provides all that we need...I love Him so and can not imagine walking a day without Him!!!!!
Loves to you all and thank you again for your prayers, thoughts and comments.  I am also so GRATEFUL for each of you!!!!!

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  1. Big Hugs to Caresse from the Big D. Family. So Sorry!

    On a more FUN note ... 2 big boxes are on their way to CO ... filled with size 7-8 Girls Clothes. Should arrive at your place by FedEx on Friday. Get the girls' closet ready for some pretty new dresses. :) (and, of course, some pants and shirts, as well ... plus 6 pr. of Princess Shoes for dressup time).




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