Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Journey With A New Knitter

I’ve been teaching myself a new skill, ya know, because I have SO much extra time.  Ha-ha.  Actually, I have always loved beautiful yarns and the look of knitting.  So I bought a beginners knitting video and started learning this beautiful art.  The cute thing is that three of my children have fallen in love with knitting also.  The video that I got (at Amazon - here) has been a wonderful help to me and has also been a great help for the children.  
 Last night I jumped in with both feet (well, hands), and started a shawl.  
I can’t even tell you how many times I cast on my yarn, knit a bit, messed up and then pulled it out to start over.  Non-the-less, this morning, I started to get the hang of it.  And I can tell you, I think I’m addicted to knitting.

And it’s all their fault.
I keeping thinking how fun it would be to learn to dye, spin and knit with my own yarn.  And there is going to be an open house at the alpaca farm this Sunday.  I can’t wait!  The owner will be doing some fiber demonstrations!  What fun!!!


  1. Wow, Kalyn! Looks like you had an amazing trip!!! Love the house you built for that man!! So much love put in to it <3.

  2. I love knitting although I take it up enjoy it and then put it down- forget how to do it and the cycle continues!!

    I think it is very relaxing!!
    It would be a good thing to bring to China because it would help you relax when the kids went to bed! OH- I bet they don't let the knitting needles on airplanes??

    Those alpacas are cute!

  3. I learned to knit in the 5th grade when they did a special group thing where several teachers led a group & shared their hobby. I so want to learn again! There are sooo many gorgeous yarns available. Hmmm, maybe this winter it would be a good thing to pass the time until Kemeri comes home. Then again, Kendi just started walking, so there may be no sitting down for me! ;o)

  4. Oh how I love to knit too! In fact I plan to teach my 8 year old this winter. I remember going crazy when I was younger and I knitted so much that I damaged my little finger so that it clicks when I bend it! Oh the sacrifices we make :)

    Have fun!!

  5. Oh, I've always wanted to knit, but my attempt was a failure...maybe your knitting will inspire me to try again.


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