Monday, September 12, 2011

This wonderful moma, whom I admire so much, has written a very good post on some of the feelings our oldest children might have called “When older children don’t want you to adopt again...”.  If you or some one you know might be encouraged by this post, then visit Jean.

I have a post running around my head...the enemy is trying to scare me..

but, I will have to post it in the next few days.  Today we have an appointment for my darling little Caresse, who, yet AGAIN, is having bone growth where it shouldn’t be, this time in her shoulder.  If you remember, she is the one who has had 5 surgeries on her legs, and right now has a plate in one leg because it was growing in a way that would cripple her.  Today we will find out what is happening in her left shoulder.  
Could I please ask for prayers in a few areas, and because I know I’m not alone, please leave anything in the comment section that you would like us to pray for.  May we continue to lift each other up in prayer and encourage each other as we walk the LORD’s journey for us.  
1st - or course, Caresse...she is very discouraged and “sick” of surgeries!!!
2nd - $$ for the adoption...we are needing to raise money for the last part of our, etc., and I’m not sure the best way to do this... we have put in several grants but nothing so far.  
3rd - $$ in general...there are MANY things that have come up this year to make things hard...nuff said on that.  

What can I pray for you?  
Off to chase this pretty sun shiney Colorado day. 
loves to you all.


  1. Oh Friend. I will pray. I am so sorry for Sweet Caresse, what a beautiful girl she is. Praying for her. Pray for $ for all of it. God is Faithful! Love you!

  2. Thank you for the link!
    I will say prayers for Caresse- I bet she is sick of surgeries- poor dear.
    Saying others prayers too!!

    Thinks are feeling a bit weighty here too- trying to pray about them and trying to manage them...

  3. JSC Foundation has grant money available right now. Check with them if you haven't already. We just received a huge grant from them for our six year old waiting for us in China. Pray for us for LOA soon, please. I was told by our agency it's in the mail traveling from China to the USA, but I am feeling discouraged once again as it is the end of the day and we are on day 121.:(

  4. Prayers for your sweet girl. Hope you received some postive news at today's appointment.


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