Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Poor little Alia had an abscess tooth pulled yesterday...however, a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream helped!!!  In fact, I did something CRAZY yesterday and had ONLY chocolate chip ice cream for my lunch.  I must was yummy.  

Well, back to Caresse...she has a large mushroom shaped bone growth under her should blade that has grown through her muscles and is pushing against the back of her rib cage.  This is what is causing a “hunch back” effect on her shoulder.  Our surgeon wants another surgeon (the Dr. who has worked on her legs) to look at the results before a decision is made about the course for surgery.  We will see her October 31st.  I hate that it is so late out, but we couldn’t get a sooner appointment.  

My precious Caresse just ran in crying with a wasp sting!  Poor thing.  I quickly mixed a little water and charcoal powder and put that on the sting to remove the poison.  After 15 or so minutes I put a poultice of plantain on the sting to help relieve the pain.  If you have never used natural herbs before, then the Bulk Herb Store is a wonderful resource.
I have something fun to show off in a few days...(well, I think it is fun).  

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  1. Please tell Caresse we'll be praying for her.

    Also, just wondering if you got the 2 boxes we sent ??? Hope the girls were excited. Sorry nothing for the boys.

    :) :) :)


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