Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stop And Consider!

I have not had much time to blog the last week.  I have really been struggling with putting together this next school year.  Yet, in my weakness the LORD is pulling it together.  I continue to learn that I must have a good plan with so many little lives to minister to.  So I keep reminding myself that “the plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance.” (Proverbs 12:5).
Here’s a little blurb from my handwritten journal;
“School has been so hard to figure out this year and money is SO tight.  I feel stressed about everything I need to order.  I hate to waste any money on a bad or wrong school decision.  One of my favorite places to search for needed supplies has been Currclick.  I even found a nice Pre-K handwriting program to download for free.  Alia, Joeliana and even Aiden (5 yrs) are really excited about starting school, but for some reason (?competition, delayed?), Corbin will have nothing to do with any of it and he tells me so.  He practically cries out “I’m NOT doing school.”  He is so stressed about it, and since he is only 6, I’m not pushing anything.  I’ll just look for “hidden” opportunities that show up.  I just want him to “enjoy” learning, not be stressed by it.   Printer has given me problems and of course that’s been stressful since I needed to make copies for each child.  
Garett is doing good....loves the McGuffy readers - praise the LORD.   Not to sure yet on the math.
Kiana - a BIT of a perfectionist.  She will not do anything that she can’t do perfect.  And her handwriting is PERFECTION - like art.  She hates not pushing that to much.
Landon - the brilliant one...that child listens and narrates EVERY DETAIL.  Amazing in math. 
My desire - to bring in more nature study.
1st priority - the Bible and teaching them about the LORD.
Oh dear - trauma in the kitchen...Caresse says there is not roast juice for the gravy.  Gotta go...”

Well, not long after the kitchen was cleaned up, Kiana was playing around with her camera.  Caresse wanted to watch a movie, but Steve and I weren’t in the was almost 9:00 and we were both so tired.  
Very suddenly a thunderstorm began to roll in from the west.  It was a “perfect” lightning storm.  
So we stayed up, opened windows where the rain didn’t come in, cozied up together with blankets and watched the most wonderful thunderstorm pass over us.  Kiana had fun trying to “catch” a picture of the lightening, and Caresse pulled out her video camera.  The boys and I stayed warm in our blankets, with Garett squealing that this was the best night of his life and he would never forget it. 
 (ALL pictures by Kiana...pretty good, huh?!!)
These Bible verses are perfect for the awesome time we had last night - “Keep listening to the thunder of His voice and the rumbling that comes from His mouth.  Under the whole heaven He lets it go, and His lightning to the corners of the earth.  After it His voice roars; He thunders with His majestic voice, and He does not restrain the lightnings when His voice is heard.  God thunders wondrously with His voice; He does great things that we cannot comprehend.  ... stop and consider the wondrous works of God.”  Job 37: 2-5, and 14.  

So wasn’t that nice?  God heard my desire and gave us some nature study last night!!!  


  1. Sometimes I worry that I'm not doing enough with the kids, that someone is falling through the cracks. Then I remember that in the greater scheme of things, these kids are in a family that loves books and that God has gifted each of them individually. If we can just keep books a priority, with God's Word at the center, and work on giving them skills and helping them to develop their God-given gifts, we've surpassed the education most children get. I did well in school, but don't remember most of what I learned. I guess it couldn't have done me much good if I don't remember it : ). And I ALWAYS have to remind myself to enjoy the process, that it's not just about the end result in terms of education, but the relationships and character built in the process. I know you're doing great! You're a wise planner and frugal momma so you can bring those two babies home! It sounds like the Lord is hearing your prayers and it's all coming together for you. Keep it up!


  2. I love reading your honesty, and I LOVE God hearing and answering your prayers!

    We have found ourself alot lately stopping and considering his wonderous work!


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