Thursday, March 12, 2009

From Kalyn-Camping

One of the things my family enjoys doing every year is going up into the beautiful Colorado mountains to camp. It is something I look forward to every year. We put all our stuff in a trailer and try to hit the road by 7:00; if possible. Some of the best memories I have are of us up in the mountains; setting up tents when it was pouring rain, getting the van unstuck, (although if you ask my mom she'll say we have never really gotten the van stuck.) We have all been sick up in the mountains together. Yes it is true; I can remember several times when we were all sick in our sleeping bags...not that any of us really enjoyed those trips but we had them none the less.

One of the things I enjoy most though is being out in the amazing world God has created and given us to explore and enjoy! Maybe one day we would go for a hike; or maybe we would get everyone in the car and go explore on some back roads and four wheel drive roads were no one should bring a fifteen passenger van. But we have made it through sickness and cars getting stuck and I can honestly say that I enjoyed each and every trip. We have had some amazing times up on the mountains.

The picture above is a picture of this nice old man who gave all of the kids a ride on his ATV. It was quit a treat for us!

Peek-A-Boo I see You!!!!!

These two pictures are from out last camping trip. Mom and me hiked up this trail to this quarry where they dump all the marble that has come out of the mines that they are not using. We each carried a piece back with us. That was one heavy piece of marble!

We go swimming up at Glenwood a lot too. Dad bought ice cream for all of us this one day that we all shared. It was a hot day so it tasted really good!

Here is Garrett, Me, and Daddy back at our camp.

One of the best parts of camping is at the end of the day we all sit around the camp fire and talk; we all shared our five most favorite things last time. Sometimes we turn of all the lights and watch the fire coals dance and gaze up at the stars. It truly is a special time!


  1. Thank you for sharing your precious memories, Kalyn. You are a wonderful writer :)

  2. Kalyn,

    Thank you for writing and telling us about your camping. It sounds like you have had such a blast doing it. We have camped before, but we sold our camper to bring ELijah and Elizabeth home. We had such fun times too - and isn't Colorado the best?? It just doesn't seem to get any prettier than here....

  3. Kalyn!!! First... it's so good to hear from you girl... I love your Mom's posts, and have missed yours! Second... I moved to Colorado when I was 16 years old... we did quite a bit of camping in the mountains too... especially with our church... great memories! I miss Colorado so much! I can't wait to visit there this week and take my daughters to the mountains... only, being from Houston, cold is really cold! No snow there (very rare) they don't even own REAL winter jackets. Thanks so much for bringing up some really fun memories and I am so GLAD that you and your family are making some wonderful memories for yourselves! God is so big every where... but He really does seem bigger up in the mountains (and they say everything is big in Texas... don't believe them... it's all lies... well, except for the hair... they do have big hair in Texas!) Anyway... I LOVE reading your posts and seeing out of your eyes... it is so refreshing!! I also loved your choice of pictures, your going to have to teach me how to put them into the blog like that :c)


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