Thursday, March 5, 2009

Missing Him

Isn't this the cutest...I love this picture...oldest brother with youngest brother (at the time). Both the boys are now 3 years older. My oldest, Jace, now lives in Texas. I sure do miss him. He called yesterday because he is really sick. Thankfully, Jace lives with my parents right now and they can take care of him, but it is still hard to not have him here where I can do my "mother thing".
As I mentioned in another blog, I am so proud of Jace and it was right and time for him to move out and begin this new part of his life. And now I am learning my new role as a mother to this young man and what that looks like...I'm not sure if I'm doing it "right"...I still give my "godly wisdom" (LOL) and he knows that I love him so that is why I just must still mother him. Yet, I hold back more to let him learn, grow, experience and live...away from me. I'm thankful for our relationship and what we have learned together. And I am comforted when I might worry, that the LORD loves this young man and is leading, guiding and growing Jace up for HIS purpose for Jace's life.

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