Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Goodbye Mustang

Our son moved out last August. He has visited a few times and though I miss him I am also so proud of him.
Jace bought a '68 Ford Mustang when he was 16 to restore and because he loves Mustangs. My husband also loves to restore cars and so it was a great father/son project. After he got it running and was enjoying driving it, a deer ran right out in front of him not far from our house. Mustangs are very heavy and he couldn't stop. Poor deer...poor Mustang. He barely got it home and we were camping in the mountains so he was alone now with this accident.
So back to restoration...only a lot more than when he bought the car.
When he moved to Texas we covered up the mustang and said he could keep it here as long as he needed.
When my parents came this weekend, they brought a trailer to take the Mustang to Texas so that Jace can hopefully start working on it again.

Jace sent two of his friends over to help, which was good since they literally had to lift the back end of the HEAVY mustang onto the trailer.
Finally, it was on and ready for its trip to Texas.

I watched it leave and finally admitted to myself how I was feeling...sad...my last little connection to my son was driving away. I know that this is a part of parenting...
I wanted to write this post to remember....remember the different seasons of mothering and to know that I place my child in the LORD's care.


  1. Nice Mustang, but I'm sorry you missing your son:(

  2. Oh my friend--letting go must be soooo hard. Some day my day will come, hey? All too soon I know. I hate the thought. I can only imagine how tough it is for a mom to let one treasured one go on his/her own. Yikes, my heart aches when I think about it.
    Thank you for your honest post. I can hear your heart right through the words!

  3. Shonni... I think we understand God more when we let go... We finally understand the pain He must have felt when His Son stepped onto this world. When we understand that, we start to understand God in a different light as well. Even though we know we have to do it, and let them finish the work that God created them to do... it's still hard to walk through it sometimes... God could have set Christ on earth without a Mother, but He gave His Son, a mother... someone who was there through everything with Him, even at the cross. What a privilige eh?


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