Monday, March 9, 2009

I Love Faces - Creative Crop

FIRST of all, thank you my sweet friends for leaving your encouraging and precious comments on the hair failure post. Ya'll are wonderful!!!

Here are my pictures for this weeks theme at I Love Faces - Creative Crop

I prefer to use creative cropping in my camera instead of in post precessing if at all possible. There are just so many more options to crop a picture the way I want it and in a way that the environment around the subject is complementing the

For my kid entry: I used creative cropping for this picture of Kiana because I wanted to show her beautiful long hair. I like how it all came together.

For my adult entry: I used creative cropping for this picture of my husband because I wanted to get the setting sun light in the picture also. And since he is the father of 10, he is looking down quiet a bit...he was talking to Kiana who was patiently sitting and waiting for me.
You can enter your photos at I Heart Faces. Have fun and thank you for dropping by.


  1. Great pictures Shonni... again... you know HOW I feel about your talent. I can actually see/sense the peace in the pictures you took... this time of the day is my favorite time of the day... and you caught it... I don't know how you did it, but you caught it in such a Godly way. Especially in Kiana's hair and on her face... I love it... I can imagine both you and Steve are looking down or bowing down quite a bit.
    I think that when you are constantly in His Spirit and in His Love... that light is always around you. You not only capture it on film, but it reflects off of you. I see around you all the time Shonni :c)

  2. I love the light on her as well- so pretty-

  3. Both pictures are beautiful, but the dad one? It just makes me think of God, and how much of His time is spent looking down just that way. Wonderful pictures... good luck in the contest!

  4. Great bokeh in the 2nd shot. Great choices!

  5. beautiful shots. Good job with the bokeh.

  6. Love the light on the little girl...

  7. Both of them are absolutely beautiful. Great job.

  8. Both lovely entries. I like the unusual angles - they make the portraits more interesting! And the lighting and setting of your kid entry are beautiful!


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