Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hair Failure

Really, I worked for HOURS on this...first those pretty little color bands broke and I thought...well it's just me, so I replaced them with more colored little bands...which began to break...after this, I got smart and started putting my trusty old standby, boring brown hair bands in. By now I had already spent two hours washing, blow drying, parting, and banding dozens of little "square" sections and, to make things worse, I actually "twisted" each section (3 times!!!!). I don't do math well, but I do know that this "simple" hair style was becoming harder ever second. Well, it was suppose to all meet at the top of her head in a pretty pony tail....which you can see, it DOESN'T. I just hope it's good enough for church tomorrow!!!!


  1. awwww! Don't be hard on yourself!!! When I saw it, not reading what you wrote, the first thing that came to mind was 'how cute!!!'. Then I recalled the title of the post, so I had to read what you said about it. I don't see failure at all, sister! Be encouraged - I think it's precious!!! And all she knows is her mommy worked hard on her hair for HER! : )

    Great job!!! ; )

    Hope you have a sweet Sunday ; )

  2. Does this ever bring back memories!! I have never been able to get this hair style to meet up in one place for some reason...
    First of all, it looks VERY cute!!! :-)
    Also, as time passes, you will learn what takes time and what is worth it. The first few times I did the girls hair in two strand twist cornrows, I spent 3-4 hours PER head!!! (x3!)
    Now, over two years later Ive gotten good at real cornrows, and can do 12-15 tiny rows in about 90 minutes. And 4 quick rows in 15 minutes.
    Keep playing around with her hair to find what works best. I hadnt done fancy hair for awhile, so Ill have to post pics of the girls new dues :-)

  3. I thought the same as "Spirit of Adoption" and at the same time thinking... geesh is there anything Shonni can't do? There is no way, absolutely NO WAY, I can have done any of that... The bands kept breaking because God knew how special this time was with her... total Mommy attention for over two hours? I would break them on my own when you weren't looking... but that is the ornery side of me :c)

  4. Ah---you did a GREAT job. Goodness, that sure it an art, hey? I don't know that I could ever be so creative :)

    Have a blessed Monday.

  5. Her hair looks beautiful! I love what Beth said about God making sure you spent the time with that sweet girl. I remember reading in the local paper about a little girl whose adopted dad did her hair, because he wanted to spend that time with her. Time is certainly the greatest gift of all.


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