Monday, March 30, 2009

Eyes To See - Through Fear

One day I think I'm doin' O.K. and then it creeps up on me..that old enemy, fear. I spent yesterday talking with my husband about some things that have me wrapped up in fear right now. I remembered something I had read in Fields of the Fatherless, by C. Thomas Davis..."Personal weakness provides a great opportunity for God's strength to come through! ... We need to change our minds about how we approach the things we fear...We can step out, believing in God's strength to help us, instead of letting our limitations defeat us."
A really thought provoking question that C. Thomas Davis challenges us with in this book is "Am I fulfilling the life I know I am called to live? Am I living my destiny?"
Some fears that weigh me down right now..."can I parent these children the way they deserve...can I absorb their pain and anger enough to help them deal with the emotions, what about this mission trip, money, homeschooling", and then when the ball really gets rolling the little fears come along to nibble at my legs.
I know that at these times I need to look the fears in the face and ask for eyes to see what I'm really afraid of? It generally comes down to being afraid to God, trust me, trust that all things work together...I'm also afraid to fail or make a wrong decision...afraid of what I might not be able to control. As I do this, it becomes very easy to see the sin behind the fear and repent.
So my challange to myself and you (if you would like) is to ask for eyes to see through the fear and walk in our weaknesses with all faith in the strenth of THE ONE who is Able.
One last thought from Fields of the Fatherless is "...overcome fear by making others' pain a priority in our lives."
Please feel free to share anything on your heart about how you approach fear. I would love to hear.

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  1. I have anxiety and sometimes I will lie awake at night thinking of everything I am afraid of or think I am doing wrong as a parent. I pray a lot about this topic, for the lord to help me to let go of the fear.


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