Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beautiful!!!!! Our Blog Makeover

We are so excited to introduce our new blog makeover. When we read about 15 year old Alexis and her new business we got right on her waiting list. The main reason she said she wanted to start this business (beside that she loves art and computer) is to raise money to go on mission trips and support orphans. As she said "I have a heart for missions and orphans around the world. While traveling to China with my parents in March 2007 to bring my baby brother home, we visited his orphanage. Seeing all the babies without parents gave me a heart for those left behind."
Alexis has been very professional in handling everything, and at the same time so very sweet and helpful. She worked so well with us and when I wanted a little more pink she was so helpful with her suggestions. And best of all, we get to help this sweet girl serve the LORD.
Thank you so much was a pleasure working with you and may the LORD bless you on the road you walk for His glory!


  1. Thanks so much for your sweet post, Ms. Shonni! I enjoyed designing your blog makeover! You are such a good photographer, and your little ones are so cute! Enjoy your new makeover!
    Alexis :-)

  2. Oh wow---how stunning! Alexis did a fantastic job, it looks absolutely wonderful. I love it.

  3. Shonni, wow! I love it,too. I love the kit you chose...and how it all came together. I especially like how each child is on the sidebar...and I can get to know them. Alexis knows each by name. Sweet.

  4. Shonni,
    Your blog looks wonderful and highlights your photography beautifully.

  5. I second that fact that now we see each of your kids and know them by name...they are absolutely beautiful!! Yippee Jesus!! xo


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