Friday, March 27, 2009

Give Me Your Best Shot #8


Here is what we are doing today...enjoying the beautiful snow. I asked my daughter to walk over to the fence for this picture and she FELL INTO a VERY LARGE snow looked like she was swimming, but she did get to the fence, if for no other reason than to save her life! We were both laughing so hard!

And, now it's your turn to show us your favorite shot of the week! What has inspired you, made you laugh or smile? Did you try anything new this week? We'd love to see it! Visit Life is Sweet to play.


  1. That's such a fun shot! I love the look of Fun and Joy on her face!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, we live in CO - we are so blessed to call the Saunders our pastors! What a beautiful family you have. I was especially touched by the post from your son Jace. Thanks for sharing the joy & beauty that can come from adoption.

  3. She looks so happy! Great picture!

  4. What a beautiful family!!! So encouraging. =)

    Blessings from Bolivia,

  5. What an amazing family you have. I found your blog through another that I read often. We live in the Springs too!! By your pictures it looks like you might be near Black Forest? We live in the same area. :-) Look forward to reading your blog! And maybe meeting up some day.


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