Saturday, April 25, 2009

Boys oh Boys!!!

These three sang at the Easter services for church a few weeks back. So I wanted some pictures before daddy took them to the first service.
Yes, I told the boys to give their sister a sweet kiss...they were all giggling so was funny!

Garett then snuck up behind Landon and, just like the best of Romeo's, dipped Landon back and kissed him. Of course, Landon was laughing so hard and Garett was enjoying being the clown.

And this one...well, I know that he looks adorable...however, but if you look really close into those deep brown eyes, you will see a mischievous, curious, and unstatable need to DO...what ever comes to his two year old mind. Yesterday, his mind told him to draw on the mirrors with chap stick and then to squeeze the pretty blue toothpaste on the pretty cream colored carpet...nice contrast I suppose!
He is definately the one you NEVER let out of your sight if at all possible!!


  1. A kissing bandit and a budding certainly are a well rounded lot ;-)

    Did the fancy blue toothpaste come out Shonni?

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  2. yes, Kimmie, my sweet husband cleaned it up.

  3. He is a rascal, but a very adorable rascal... he sure won my girls' hearts.. actually, they all did... the little rascals! I love Caresse's expression, it's priceless and captures our expression as well :c)


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