Friday, April 3, 2009

good, strong heart!

Here is a picture of Jace with Kalyn and Caresse at the Texas coast almost two years ago.
Thank you so much for your prayers for Jace as he went to the heart dr. today. They did several more test and are doing another echocordiogram. The news is good...the dr. really didn't find anything of concern and feels that the initial (first echocordiogram) may have been misread. Still he did another and we will have the results soon. That brings us back to why we had the echocodiogram...Jace struggles with what has been labeled exercise induced asthma...yet we have not found the right treatment to help him with this. Besides asthma symptoms, his chest hurts and he feels just weak and yuck! Soooo, back to square one, with relief that his heart is good and strong, to find out what we need to do to help him with this.
I am looking forward to this weekend..some books to read, and want some time in the Bible! Continuing to seek His direction for a few children with early childhood trauma issues...I really want to parent them with HIS wisdom...books are helpful, but HIS help is what I so desire! Just last night, as we were playing musical chairs, one of the darlin's broke down...tummy ache, crying, a complete mess...I recognized that something triggered her fear response...and man, for her, it is life or death...even holding and trying to comfort never really brought her back to O.K.. We must keep seeking HIM! to parent them!


  1. PTL for a great heart report!

    Haven is EXACTLY like that. We cannot console her when she is upset. And being non-verbal makes it a little challenging trying to understand what set her off. She can cry non-stop for an hour--rivers of tears.

    Yes, wisdom from on high--that's what we need!

  2. I have neurocardiogenic syncope, I pass out if I over exert myself to much. But I had a similiar experience with an echo happen to me when I was 18, they did a echo and said I had Mitral-Valve Prolapse and put me on meds, then another doctor did one on me several years later and said the first doctor read it wrong and I did not and took me off the meds and diagnosed me with the above.

    I hope you find comfort and the answers you are seeking for your little one.

  3. Glad you have good news about Jace. You are totally amazing. It is so figure out sometimes what our little people need.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. As I read your last post, I thought, may we all remember that Jesus is our all sufficient, all knowing, ever wise, mighty Counselor! He, thru our simple humble obedience, can and does desire to set our little ones free--into an abundant life. I look forward to following your blog, too. And am ever so excited that you all are headed to Uganda (did you realize this is where I am?) Who know's, I may come and say to everyone when you visit Sanyu baby home. Or, I may just show up at the airport to welcome you all into this beautiful country--we live 2 minutes from the airport!!!


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