Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Family Passover

My husband LOVES Passover, and says that out of all the holidays, this one means the most to him. Here he is beginning our family Passover celebration. We start on the floor because..."TRADITION", I'm kidding; the Passover celebration can take several hours, and there is no way that all the small children we have could sit at a table for that long, so this year we started on the floor; which I thought was very comfortable and intimate!

Why do we, as Christians, celebrate Passover and the other Biblical Holidays? Two years ago, Steve and I wanted to teach our children about the holidays in the Bible and relate them to our faith in Jesus...little did we know the beautiful adventure we were about to begin. So again, why do we celebrate this Biblical holiday? As we do so, we have gained a better understanding of our Jewish roots as Christians. As my husband says "Nothing more reminds me of Jesus than the Passover and draws me closer to Jesus. I want my children to know Jesus and all that he has done and the victory he accomplished on Passover."

The parsley dipped in salt water refers to the tears shed in slavery by the Israelites and the tears we have shed before Jesus redeemed us. This reminds us of the miraculous deliverance from sin Jesus provided for us through His death and resurrection. Corbin definately experience the bitterness!

We sang several wonderful songs, including Sweetly Broken, which the children have hand motions for since it is one of the songs they preform at church for the Easter service. It was such a special evening and we are so enjoying teaching the Biblical holidays to our really has caused us to love the LORD all the more and as Psalm 22:6 tells us, we want to pray daily for our Jewish brother and sisters and for the peace of Jerusalem!


  1. I think this is a wonderful tradtion to have in a family! I hope you have videos from the Easter service that you can post soon... if not, please record the song and the kids doing the hand motions... I would love to see it... or we can witness it in July :c)


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