Monday, April 6, 2009

Letter to an Orphan

A few weeks back I had the chance to go to a very special women's really wasn't a was a special time for a limited number of women to be blessed with a very intimate time to rest and enjoy HIS presence-to come closer to him. At one point we were encouraged to write a letter...letters to someone. With out really thinking about what I was doing I began to write this:
Dear Little Orphan, I know you have been abandoned, unprotected, rejected, unloved, have felt fear, pain, grief, worthless,'ve been called a forsaken one. Oh, the overwhelming fear, anger....
Little orphan, you've heard that you are of no value; wondered why you are not wanted, not special. In your overwhelming aloneness, you wondered if there is hope for you; is there a place for you; who would want you, who would care.
Little orphan, dear little orphan...what is your name? Who are you? Where do you belong? WHO ARE YOU?
Yes, you have wondered that also...others are loved, they are precious to someone. They are someone because they are loved and belong...a place in someones heart.
You have asked "who am I and why would anyone care?" You feel shame, and a deep hunger.
Dear little orphan, will you believe the TRUTH...that Someone loves you so much; they have prepared a home for you, a place where you fit perfectly. There is a place for you...but more than a place, someone loves you so much that there is a place in His heart that is for you and you alone.
"Who am I?" you ask. You are NOT an orphan any longer...
You are apart of Him-His whole world is not even complete without you.
No longer is your name or identity "orphan - forsaken one"
"Who am I?"
You are HIS and He loves you because you are precious to Him. He is your father; forever and always. He will never forsake you. You are God's precious daughter - His Loved One!
As I was writing it I began to see that I was writing to ME. Now, I grew up in a great family; supportive mom and dad. I have never been orphaned, however, as I have been raising our children, especially the children who have come home through adoption, I saw that I "related" to so many of the feelings of these and other orphaned children.
I then remembered John 14:18 "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." Jesus said this to his diciples the night of the last supper, before he was to be arrested. I felt that the LORD was speaking to me that satan tell us the lie that we have been orphaned and Jesus will not come back.
As I raise all my children, I want to make sure that they know the TRUTH of what God says about them and His love! More on these thoughts later...must get back to cleaning the house and getting groceries for the week!

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